Am i being silly with my alien?

Howdy, right, i got myself the alien 220w mod as ive heard so many good things about it. Read alot, watched alot, took the plunge. Am i just being a numpty or missing something…..but…..cuboid at 120w hits alot harder than the alien at 120w even with the "h" setting. Also i cant seem to find anything on the max voltage output for the alien. 120w on the cuboid is telling me about 8.2v ish, 120w on the alien is telling me 6.3v ish. Am i missing something? Oh….same batteries, same build,…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Am i being silly with my alien?

Please help me find a mod for my MTL friend!

Hello Apes

I have a friend who knows exactly what she wants, the problem is I can't find it!

She'd like
1. a tubular mod that preferably uses replaceable batteries.
2. it to be capable of consistently producing 4.3-4.6v (she uses Nautilus/Nautilus Minis with the 1.8ohm coils).
3. it to be as short as possible.

I ordered her an Aspire CF VV+ but it's too long, she loved the size of the vpark Boltan Mini mod but the output wasn't high enough, plus they're both fixed battery.

The only thing…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Please help me find a mod for my MTL friend!

Smok Alien Problem

Hey all,

I'm new to this vaping experience and wanted a good product and too stop smoking obviously.
So I purchased the Smok Alien Kit and used it for about two weeks and realised I needed to change the coil, the device worked perfectly up until this point, the problem later arrived when I tried to change the coil but was having great difficulty to actually take the tank off the battery (mod), it wasn't that it was on too tight or anything it was the fact that when I tried to take the tank…

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Harshness in nicotine?

Hi all,

Ive been using <a href="”>juices with 1.5mg of nicotine for some time now and i decided to buy some e<a href="”>juice from bestcigliquid. I bought these in a 2mg strength as they offer 1mg or 2mg, nothing in between lol. I decided to get the 2mg as i didnt feel i wanted to decrease my nicotine strength any further.
I am finding the <a href="”>juices a bit harsh and was just was just wondering whether its the .5 increase in strength or if the nicotine is just harsher than the other nicotines im used to?
Thanks in…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Harshness in nicotine?

Clapton wire for Smok Big Baby RBA Dual Deck….help please.

Hey folks,

Just been given an Alien 220w mod as a present. Friend didn't want it………the lunatic.

Anyway,it came with the Baby Beast Tank which I find too small. I didn't want to pay a tenner for a rebuildable deck for a 3ml tank so I bought the Big Baby Beast. Absolutely love it and so far I'm using the pair of shoddy looking Claptons that came preinstalled. They measure at 0.32 ohms as a pair.

I want to order some Clapton wire (doesn't have to be kanthall/SS but it can be) but I'm…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Clapton wire for Smok Big Baby RBA Dual Deck….help please.