Need some suggestion for single coil rebuildable for the wife :)

yep, need some suggestions for a good single coil rebuildable for the wife. relatively easy to build on (as it'll be the beloved building lol), must give great flavour or I won't hear the end of it and to be able to take a single clapton/twisted etc at under 50w.

she's already got goblin mini (1,2 and 3), obs ACE. Geek<a href="”>vape Ammit, Smok TFV4 micro and a couple of others which I forget.

Any suggestions would be great. I don't use single coils so not my area <img src="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>” class=”mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie8″ alt=”:D” title=”Big Grin :D” />

Pico Squeeze cleaning

My first squonker, a Pico Squeeze, has finally arrived and I'm about to try setting it up, but one thing worries me already. As someone who religiously cleans any new atties in the ultrasonic cleaner, I'm wondering if I should be trying to clean out the Squeeze in some way before putting any <a href="”>juice in it. The bottle is obvious, but how do you people clean out your squonkers? Advice gratefully received, thanks. <img src="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>” class=”mceSmilie” alt=”:)” title=”1 :)” />

Certain Batteries ,safe or not ..

Hi this is my first ever post and i am interested in hearing back from someone that Knows .. After reading through this forum over the last 3 weeks i have decided to make a post as after reading the batteries section as i needed a new set of batteries for my 3 cell regulated mod (im a new vapor) i went shopping into town as that was the recommendation ,once at the shop i asked to see the selection of batteries they stocked I Was Suprised when he pulled out XJRO and Efest batteries .. I…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Certain Batteries ,safe or not ..

Nicotine Suppliers

So since the untimely and sad departure of Mole <a href="”>juice i've been sampling various Facebook suppliers… UNTIL NOW. I discovered that Flavour Boss do a OHW Milkman clone which having brewed up my first litre and given it a quick shake, is surely a winner. Perhaps not "Quite" as nice as Milk mole, it'll do, and at £25 to make a litre a bit of a bargain.

With that in mind i'm going to do what i always do and jump in feet first, grab a load of nic whilst i can still get the good stuff.
Who are…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Nicotine Suppliers

Coil type

Hi all. How can I tell what type of metal my coil is made of. I have recently upgraded to the I stick power which has a temp control feature but don't want to set it up if the coil is not compatible. Any advice much appreciated and thanks for reading.
PS posted this I. The wrong forum earlier sorry.

The ‘possibles’ leather vape bag making of…….completed on page 3

well well my fellow apes I have a new spin on all things <a href="”>vape bag, box, cabinet, case bla bla bla

below is a new making thread I thought I would put it here rather than in the shed so that I can get some input, I mean input, dont read and run.

this is not so much new to me but different I did bags ages ago and my skills faded from lack of use but with a new supply of leather we will revisit those old days.

so shall we begin children…..

upon this day the dvd series is "six feet under"…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”><a href="”>vape-bag-making-of-completed-on-page-3.130888/”>The 'possibles' leather <a href="”>vape bag making of…….completed on page 3

Mech squonk batteries

So I've decide to have a go at the squonking side of things and most of the squonk boxes I like are fully mechanical.

So a couple of questions really that the more experienced guys could jump in on please

1) I currently use LG HB2 in my reg mods will these be ok in the mech?

I know it depends on the build but I usually build around .3 up to .5

2) as I have no real control over the wattage in one of these is this a good place to be building at or will I need to aim for a different range…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Mech squonk batteries

Is this vape safe?

I've just decided to upgrade my mod and tank and needed help to make sure it is safe before using.
My mod is the wismec rx200s with triple Sony VTC5 batteries, rated 30A max discharge and 2600mah. Ill be putting the new smok tfv12 on once it comes out and will be vaping at around 150-200 watts throughout the day.
With some research I've noticed that the batteries should be able to consistently do 200w fine, however I need an experts advice.

Becoming A Non Smoker ?

Hi was just wondering what most peoples experiences have been since stopping smoking and now only vaping?

Would love to hear either positive or negative experiences and a timescale as to when these changes occurred and in some detail how the changes affected you personally or indeed feedback from friends & family?



How much coil gunk and wick gunk is normal?

Not strictly a new user as have been playing with rebuildables on and off for a year or so.

My current setup up is an ijoy maxo quad battery (never used past 100w mainly got it for 4 batteries and extended battery life)
I have a cleito rba with fishbowl tank and a smok cloud beast rba.

I have built with various gauges of kanthal (22, 24, 25flat, 28, and 32 ) SS 316l (22flat, and a thick and thin wire not 100%sure of guage) Ni200 (28g) with claptons made of kanthal or ss.

I initially…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>How much coil gunk and wick gunk is normal?