Building and bad eyes

Anyone else on the cusp of needing reading glasses who builds their own decks? Been looking at magnifiers but not sure what to get. Standard wraps are easy but flat wire is a tad more difficult and I really need to see what I am up to

Advice appreciated as always

Cuboid 510

Hi guys and gals, might have been asked before but cant find anything. Ive had my cuboid for quite some time. Its seen a hard life (few scuffs here and there) but has been kept squeaky clean with no issues. Just recently its stopped registering there is an atty on the top. And its attys that ive used on there all the time. Its like the 510 has "sunken" into the mod. I can only use attys with really long pins on to make it work. Any suggestions? Is it worth a replacement or a new mod? I love…

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