Looking to buy a new mod, not sure what to but :\

*BUY ;x

Hi everyone.

Could someone give me some ideas of what mod should i get?

I started off 2 years ago with a Kanger Evod, later got a Kanger Subbox mini that had an unfortunate end.

My current mod is a Joyetech eVic-vtc with a Kanger Toptank-mini. The led display stopped working, so i'm looking for something new.

I'm considering getting a Uwell Crown tank, i've read some reviews that say its one of the best for flavour, which is what i look for mostly when i <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>vape (not a cloud…

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Freezing Nicotene

Hi all,
I have been vaping for just a few months, and decided to try making my own liquid, can anyone tell me, does pg based nicotene freeze solid? I have had some in the freezer for several days now and it is still liquid.
Another question, I have managed through vaping to reduce my cigs from about 25 a day to 2 or 3 at the most, I dont like it, I dont like the smell even, but I just cant seem to knock them on the head… any suggestions or tips please?
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SMOK R40 Help

Hi guys! Got my SMOK r40 today and I had no idea how technical and complicated it was going to be! I have never caped before today. I have a number of questions and would appreciate some help on the entire thing really. I purely want to quit smoking.

1. How much liquid can I put in the tank?
2. The liquid I have seems to be disappearing relatively fast!?
3. What do different wattage and temp control do?
4. How low before refill?

Any help is massively appreciated

DIY Tools

Been making my own liquid for a while now and each time its becoming a bigger pain in the arse, purely because of the crappy syringes i'm using, markings have rubbed off or the black nipple on the plunger get stuck in the syringe and pulls off.

I've tried measuring liquid on scales but seems very inaccurate.

What is your preferred method for measuring out your liquid.

Battery sag voltage drop and amp draw

So I was wondering if anyone can help me here.
I've used mechs and unregulated mods for a while now and I know the basic safety but I'm wanting to know more about the rest.
So recently finishing a parallel box for better life on my batteries and the occasional lower ohm build, I tried a 0.16 which is within my single battery limits.
But this is new territory for me, I never build below 0.3 on the unregulated mods for safety mostly, however I wanted to see the extra power that comes with…

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A coil jig that can 24g claptons & ribbon wire, other than the v4?

Hey peeps,
Anyone know of a coil jig that can coil at least 24awg claptons and also is able to coil ribbon wire in the low 20's?
I know that the coil master v4 can do it but is there anything elase out there that can and even better, cheaper. <img src="https://www.planetofthe<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>vapes.co.uk/forums/ecig-discussion/everything-ecigs/data/smilies/1.gif” class=”mceSmilie” alt=”:)” title=”1 :)” />


Smok Skyhook rdta box fault

Does anybody out there have one, or is it just me? And if you do, does it work properly?

Mine was working for half an hour out of the box, all I had to do was wick it, and now I'm getting an error message saying 'no coil'.

Nothing I can do will remove this, so the shiny new mod is now totally fucking useless.

If you've got one, or had one, have you had this problem?