New tank ☁

Over the past couple of days was looking into a new tank, as I have become bored and dismayed with the isub v… Asked for advise on the smok tfv4 micro, but was quickly pushed/swayed to the baby beast.

But…. I have jumped to the big baby beast instead… all primed up just sat waiting to be used..

how long should I leave it to "soak" as it were?

Thanks <a href="”>vapers & <a href="”>vapettes'


What should I get

Guys , Gals

Im thinking of getting back to vaping…. did for a little while when the smoking ban came in but it just didnt do it for me…. wasnt getting the hit, the rush from a ecig like I was getting from a roll up cig……. but as Im getting older and my boy has asked when I quitting smoking ….Oh well better do it for him as well as my own health…..

So what would ppl recommed….was looking at one of them kanger evod, or something like one of them ….. anyone care to direct on…

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Looking for a reliable tank

Hi guys,

Been vaping for 4+ years at an ever increasing level (e-cig to ego to subohm) but I'm new here so I figured this was the best place.

I'm struggling to find a reliable tank. I'm now on my fourth and they've all have their issues.

The Kanger Subtank Mini is nice but lacks flavour and airflow. The prebuilt coils are ok.

The Aspire Cleito is a neat tank, great flavour and airflow but not great production. However it leaks constantly whenever it's not upright and is impossible to…

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Serpent mini 22. Leaking – Thinking about giving up

Hi all,

Had the serpent mini for over a week now. Love the flavour but no matter what I try the little bugger leaks. It's my first rebuildable so I was expecting a few teething troubles but I'm starting to loose hope.

I've viewed many different tutorials on wicking and given each one a go a few times. As my wicking has improved, the flavour has gotten better but the leaking persists.

I use the "burping" method when filling the tank and no <a href="”>juice comes out of the air holes. Everything…

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Cheaper decent Juice brands

I have a friend who is teetering on the brink of going back to tobacco, as she's really not getting what she wants from the ecig. It's an istick 30w with a GS Air tank. I gave her a variety of e liquids for Christmas so she could try some different flavours, and she seems to like blueberry best. She's currently buying 4 bottles for a tenner of Genie <a href="”>juice from a B&M, or stuff from Poundland as she's permanently strapped for cash. I have no idea where she'd get the funds for tobacco lol!…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”><a href="”>juice-brands.130262/”>Cheaper decent <a href="”>juice brands

big baby beast rba problems

I recently purchased a big baby beast tank for the rba deck that came with it screwed it into my meter and it was showing 0.10 with the factory fitted coils so i removed them and it showed 0.23 with no coils in at all! unscrew it a little and it clears so i put the coils back in 0.30 and fires up fine but as soon as i put the tank together and screw it into a meter or mod it comes up as a short again.. So thinking it was just a bad rba deck i got another one today and its exactly the same….

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