Reaction to Kanthal?

Heey. Weird, but was wondering if anyone had experienced/ an idea of what is going on. Been vamping about a year and a half an now pretty exclusively use RDA's. But I have mostly been buying pre rolled clapton wire and coils (kanthal) with no problem. I recently started wrapping my own, and got the wire from <a href="”>juice junkie/ stealth <a href="”>vape (Kanthal a1). However, I seem to be having a reaction maybe? as the pre made coils are fine, but when I <a href="”>vape on the ones I made from the Kanthal I start having…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Reaction to Kanthal?

Cheapest Authentic Nautilus BVC Coil 5/10 Pack 1.8. Where?

Hi, just got bitten by fakes on Ebay, (Authentification checked already 2500+ of times) can anyone recommended a vendor/shop of authentic Nautilus BVC Coil 5/10 Pack 1.8 with PayPal check out?

At the moment <a href="http://www.<a href="”>” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”><a href="”>vapeInc seems to be the cheapest after 15% discount and that's delivered @ £13.59 for ten.

Cheers Marcus


Sooooo my CSMNT finally arrived yesterday and it looks great!

Haven't had a great deal of time to play with it yet but got some fussed Claptons in last night an gave it a go and it seems great.

Anyone else got one and had time to play? Be interested to hear your builds or recommendations guys [emoji106]

Twist It – Lolly Vape Co.

Anyone had this? I purchased it based on the attention its been getting recently (my fault for falling into this trap once again).

Yum (sarcasm)! tastes like Vanilla Bean Ice Cream by TFA or Capella with harness from the lime. Pretty disappointing. I'd have no clue what it was if it didn't have a label on.

Got Rock-It and Screw-It too as a bundle. Wooo can't wait to try them either (more sarcasm).

Gets a big fat Meh! from me.

Where to get juices

So I've been vaping for a while now and a couple of weeks ago I fell off the wagon and went back to smoking as well as vaping at the same time. I'm looking for some new <a href="”>juices as I normally stick with zombie <a href="”>juice, the flavours are good but I feel like a change. Something with a bit stronger nicotine level too until I can bring myself down to my old level. Any help with names or places to look. I normally go on eBay too so any good suggestions and value for money would be helpful. I normally…

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Rejuiced cream egg

Just a quickie to say I ordered cream egg from re<a href="”>juiced and tried it in my kangertech drip box. Taste was immense. Not so good in the cleito but for anyone making their own coils it's worth a shout and cheap as chips [emoji106]