Molejuice milkmole :-(

Hey guys , as i can no longer get my hands on mole<a href="”>juice milkmole i'm wondering if anyone has found something as good to fill that void , i've tried the original milkman and found the flavour it to be a bit weak, any thoughts? Thanks again

Pepper like burn

I'm currently using a Smok alien with the tfv8 big baby and the 0.16 octo coil (I think). Sometimes when taking a thoat hit after about 2 secs into the pull it's like someone's thrown pepper into my tank and my throat burns. Any ideas what's causing this. Oh and I'm vaping 80/20 diy Heisenblag at 1.5 mg

New to Vaping but having throat sensitivity problems

I gave up smoking 2 months ago now. I used to <a href="”>smoke Silver Silk Cut mild cigs, around 20 a day.
I had been smoking for 20 plus years with a 6 year gap in between.
After giving up I bought myself some Nicolite E cigs in anything from low to medium nicotine strength.
I couldn't get on with them as the battery would always need charging and they were becoming expensive.
A few days ago I bought myself an Innokin Endura T18 Vapour kit. I tried a 6mg vapour, flavour tobacco in the store and it was…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>New to Vaping but having throat sensitivity problems


Just placed my first order with juicy<a href="”>vapes. Ordered 300ml for £30. The <a href="”>juice is made to order. I was going to seperate the <a href="”>juice into 30ml bottles. Should i do that or leave to steep in the original 100ml bottles. And how long should i steep for. Cheers.

Understanding Eleaf EC coils/atomisers

Hi, apologies if this is the wrong place to post. I'm finding the forum even harder to navigate on my phone now I've lost the app and I'm new to all this anyway

I have the Pico Mega and the Pico Dual and so far used the standard .3 and .5 coils and I've just put in the NC .25 coil to see what diifference is.
I find the manual confusing and unhelpful and was wondering if any of you fine, knowledgeable <a href="”>vapers could give me the definitive differences with all these various coils and why I…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Understanding Eleaf EC coils/atomisers