Small mtl tank for swmbo

So, the Mrs has been using iclear 16d tanks for over a year but I'm running out of them and want to get her something new for her birthday.

She's got a brand new istick20w(pink of course!) so something that would work OK on that. She only <a href="”>vapes onepoundeliquids ry4, doesn't like anything else and she <a href="”>vapes it mtl at 5w.

What tanks would you guys recommend?

Coolfire 4 plus almost exploded a few minutes ago

so basically I was just using my coolfire 4 plus with a cleito tank 0.4 coil and it got red hot while holding it and suddenly started what I can only describe as flames? Coming out of the charging port! Not got the faintest idea why but I'm a little bit shocked and concerned by this now. I've been off the fags for over a month and been using it for only about two weeks and I'm just a bit nervous to use one again and can't find any similar issues online with the coolfire 4 plus. Can anyone…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Coolfire 4 plus almost exploded a few minutes ago

Uwell Crown SE-1 or D1


I'm in the market for a new tank since my original Crown has issues with the base getting badly stuck and it's a real hassle to change coils now. I'll be using an RX2/3 and selling my Cuboid on soon.

I've had the Crown 2 which just wasn't working at all, it was one of the original ones and I tried the first few batches of coils before giving up on it.

I was just going to buy a new Crown but I see the D1 (both glass or one glass set up) and SE-1 have been released. I was wondering…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Uwell Crown SE-1 or D1

Another one?

Hi guys. I bought an alien mod when the first came out. Proper liked it but after just 3 weeks it gave up the ghost. I emailed the company I bought it of but got no reply. The engineer in me decided to take it apart and have a look for any obvious faults but to no avail. Would really like to get another on as it is a cracking little 2 battery mod. Has anyone had any bad experiences with it or is it on the whole considered to be reliable?

Dual Fused Clapton By the Spool?

See there are a lot of companies doing dual fused clapton by the spool, but most look more like staggered rather then tight wraps, or are super wavy messes.

Anyone got a brand recommendation?

I have a CLAPTON JIG RIG V2 that I make my own with, but would be really handy to have few spools of some pre made for emergency and travailing.

Triton 2 advise please :)

Hi everyone, I am new to the site and using a Coolfire 4 Plus with an OBS T-VCT for sub ohm and a Kanger Aerotank Mega for MTL and I re wick my own Nature<a href="”>vape coils for the Mega. I have just bought a Aspire Triton 2 mainly for MTL (not arrived yet) and was wondering what the best coils are ?


DNA250 wanted

OK so it is time for a new mod, I have a couple of dna200s a dna75 and an RX200. So I was thinking a DNA250 but I can't seem to find any with a lipo cell, now I don't mind 18650s but I'm not overly keen on triple cell devices as they are a bit too heavy for out and about.

So basically it is another annoying recommend me a mod thread… Thanks in advance [emoji4]

Help a NOOB?

Got a Smok r40 tc. It's a mini box mod and was wondering what other Smok tank/atomisers would fit it??

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