Vape and drink.

As the new year is about to hit us and the world gets pissed. What's your favourite <a href="”>vape / drink mix?

I like a nice malt and struggled for a while to find a <a href="”>vape that didn't kill the taste of the malt. It took a while but found some chocolate lime that does the trick.

Struggling today without cigarettes


This morning I have woken up with the worst craving for a proper cigarette that I've ever had. Been using my Aspire K3 most of the morning but still wanting a fag. Does anyone have any tips on what <a href="”>juice to buy that'll help stop the cravings? I'm using a Deluxe Tobacco <a href="”>juice from <a href="”>smokey Joes at the moment but finding I'm not getting the satisfaction I'm used to from fags. I've not had a fag in 3 days so don't intend to start now.

I'm taking a trip to my local <a href="”>vape shop this…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Struggling today without cigarettes

Help please!!!!!

Hi again, After reading pages and pages of forums I ended up with an X CUBE MINI with the TVF4 and the TVF4 mini tanks……My problem is that I want to build my own coils but have no idea how to get the wattage and temp setting right.
Building the coils using K clapton 28GA + 32GA is no problem and I have finally get the cotton right………Am I using the wrong wire? am I not putting enough (4) twists in each coil? Any help or advice would be great.