2 mech questions

Areet, I'm pretty new to mechs, been building about half a year though, mainly velocity decks, I know my ohms law, battery safety, mech maintenence/safety etc.

Just 2 questions if someone could help try put my mind @ ease haha, I can't find any info on it – that's including google, bing etc… If my mech were to ever short, how long would I have from the short, to the venting until the thing blows up? And how much extra time would a highly ventilated mod like say the AV swiss give me?…

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The worst newbie ever I think.

Hi everyone. I am new to the vaping thing and I truly believe I am doing something wrong so I am here for some expert advice if anyone can help please….
Hubby got me a smok to help me give up smoking. It is an osub 80w tc (that's what the box says!). The thing kept on leaking! I changed the coil to the supplied replacement and still it leaked. Clever hubby also got a separate coil from the shop which they recommended but it is different and I am completely confused with the 0.4 and…

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Dripping inside the sleeve

Hi guys, I need help on something that's driving me crazy. I finally fix the leaking from my wotofo serpent (thanks to yall) but every time I put on the sleeve on my IPV d3 it soaks it completely!!!!! I'm pulling my hair here. ITS NOT LEAKING!!!! Why in the world it leaks into the sleeve!! Anyone????!