Question about charger

Hello, I bought a Nitecore Intellicharger new I4 a while ago and still have not found an answer to this.
When I am charging 1 battery all 16 LED lights will flash then it will continue to charge for 5 seconds then do it again.
I have tried it will multiple batteries and its always the same.
If I charge 3 batteries at once it does not do this.
Nitecore are not responding to my emails and cannot find an answer to this online.

Any help appreciated.

Thank you.

Sub tank – suggestions please

Hi all, so I've not had a sub ohm tank in yonks and fancy some care free vaping…. Cheaper the better (as always!) mainly after flavour and ideally no bigger than 24mm as it will sit on a tree box plus.


Cheap(ish) – no problem with ordering from china if deal is worth it

Easy to get coils at a reasonable cost

Flavour….much much flavour

24mm or under

What would you guys suggest?

18650 vs 26650 battery for interchangable 75DNA chip mod

so my mod's battery type is interchangable. that means it can be used with 18650 OR 26650 batteries. If i put the 18650 battery i need to put a rubber sleeve they mod provided on to the battery before i place it in the mod because..otherwise it'll bounce around right? So, what should I get, a 26650 or 18650? Which ones are better known to explode? Seems like most pictures of explosions show telescope mods with 18650s. 26650 on the other hand are BIGGER, so does that mean i'm more at risk? No…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>18650 vs 26650 battery for interchangable 75DNA chip mod

Any suggestions??

Hi guys,

First time posting on here and was hoping for some recommendations if you'd be so kind.

I first found this forum a few years ago now and following the advice of all you fine people I decided to knock the smoking on the head and went out and got myself the I stick 50w/nautilus combo and found it to be fantastic. I had about a year using that combo and jumped into the world of sub ohm tanks/coil building/RDA'S etc. I've settled down with the excessive gear buying now and stuck with…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Any suggestions??

RDA recommendations

Apologies in advance for this same old same old question but I am currently ummming and arrring about purchasing an RDA and seek your splendiferous recommendations to try and narrow the field down even further than I already have. So.much. stuff!.

Foibles, I don't like them. So, must be easy and practical to use day in day out (at home). Must go atop a Wismec Releaux rx200 without issue. Flavour is priority numero uno. I appreciate quality and would like it to last too, so no dodgy threads,…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>RDA recommendations

18650 Batteries

Hi! I've always used single 18650 mods or mods with a built in battery. I just plug it in at night and unplug it in a morning. If I don't plug it in at night for some reason then I just plug it in in my car or somet.
Thing is, I'm wanting to get a new mod and they all seem to use dual or even triple 18650 batteries and I know that you should always charge these in external chargers.
I'm just looking for some info from people who live with a dual 18650 mod and how you go about…

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