New to vaping – advice needed

Ok, this vaping business is more complicated than I thought it'd be – so am looking for advice please. All I'm after is something that lets me stop smoking – so nothing with big plumes of <a href="”>smoke and nothing that goes straight to my lungs – but also nothing faffy – I've a full on job and no time to be fixing coils or running to get replacement batteries and liquids. Oh and nothing that runs out quickly, so that I reach for a cigarette. In fact, all I'm after is the ease and hit of a…

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Tfv8 baby beast RBA question

Hi i have just started vaping and bought a alien with a tfv8 baby. I noticed after a few days that i could tast burnt cotton and after using a pack of coils i decided to by a rebuildable coil setup. I have wicked it and it is amazing. Its the dual coil at 0.3 ohms and they are clapton coils. My question is does anyone know what gauge and type clapton coils they are so i can buy some spares or a real of it to build my own. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

Scared of the .15 Ohm coils

Should I be?

I have an RX2/3 and have been gifted some absolutely beautiful staple coils for Christmas. They ohm out at .15 and my worry is, my LG HG2's will not handle them.

I have <a href="”>vaped as low as .22 before and all was fine but I'm sure with these coils fitted I'd be at around 20 amps when hitting them at 60w.

Is the margin too small here? Am i in dangerous vaping territory or am I totally misunderstanding the limits of a regulated mod?