Suggestions for a Mod suited to MTL

Just a quick ask on this one. My tanks are all MTL and I'm looking for a new mod. Fast Tech have some good prices and I'm not in a hurry. (Just as well then. Ed) Don't <a href="”>vape above 36 watts (24-28 usually) and don't do temp control. Probably going to get one rechargeable and one with removable batteries, not looking for a mini as I already have the Nugget. Price wise up to about 50 Dollars per item. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

PS Does anyone know if there's any mither with…

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i have a mod and i’m wondering what kind of battery to put in it.

it requires an 18650. But you'll know that when you look at the product description. i'll also attach a chart of batteries with their tested amps. Tell me where to buy the batteries you recommend, why, and why they're best for MY device. Info about me: I <a href="”>vape about 5-10 minutes every hour..not much, and only at 50 watts. Thanks guys.

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Smok alien

Does anyone know of a uk based website selling the smok alien or smok alien kit? Not too fussed on price though cheaper is obviously better.

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Making the most of Dripworx

So I've seen a lot of people liking Dripworx so I took advantage of their sale this weekend and I must say their delivery was really quick. I've got Sweet Treats, Zest Appeal and Polar Berry. I've tried Sweet Treats in my cool fire iv TC 100 and I like it, but found the flavour is pretty mild. I'm really new to all this and I tend to stay at a low wattage. Can anyone offer a recommendation for a good wattage to <a href="”>vape at please?

I gotta add that it's probably my tastebuds because I've got a…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Making the most of Dripworx

"What did you just order" thread

So…just ordered the cthulhu MTL RTA from midland vaping for £40! My most expensive tank I've brought in a while. No reviews on the thing but I went ahead, could be a mistake.

Also ordered the desire Yuri from gearbest . Heard it's a flavoursome <a href="”>vape on a single coil which I like.

So what have you apes just ordered?

Narda clone help plz

Hey Apes
My Narda clone arrived today.
I don't understand where I screw the wire in? Have the forget to machine the post holes out?

Can anyone help. Cheers

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First (proper) sub ohm

so as a previous post of mine says I've been trying to give up the <a href="”>smokes for some time and been playing with vaping but never found the 'hit' to help. Been more serious the past week or 2 with trying my hardest to cut down/stop for good. Been using a mtl 18mg last week but was finding it to harsh in the mornings even at a lower nic level so would end up smoking till about 10am then <a href="”>smoke / <a href="”>vape for the rest of the day. Trying to cut out the habit cigs along the way.
I had previously tried…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>First (proper) sub ohm

Innokin UCAN 2 – Worthwhile ?

So I caught sight of the Innokin UCAN 2 on FB yesterday, and essentially it seems to be a 20ml flask for your <a href="”>juice – presumably released with the 2ml tanks coming in and people needing to carry <a href="”>juice around. Has anyone seen one up close ? Is it actually useful, or is it just a bit of a poser thing ? Cheers apes.

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