Smok vape & lithium batteries questions

Hi guys Ive been using aspire k4 as I was a beginner <a href="”>vaper few months ago. Found it really straightforward and relatively safe.

Now moved onto the smok h priv.(which requires 18650 green chunky batteries)

Bought some 18650 batteries from a <a href="”>vape shop and also bought a NITECORE charger for the batteries.

Couple questions regarding that..

Right now its scaring the hell out of me lol, keeps fizzling and screen goes off and on. Am I doing something wrong? But when I turn it on and off seems…

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New Tank (Rebuildable)

hello fellow apes. need some good suggestions from the tried and trusted users.
im looking at getting into building my own coils etc etc.
what tank/s can you suggest i use to do this on.
some info that might help you help me is im currently using the alien with the Cleito tank. normal everyday <a href="”>vape is around the 55-60 watt range depending on the <a href="”>juice. i have never done coil bulding so something easy to get me started, i do plan on getting the coilmaster kit at some point also to aid in…

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Argghhh !! TFV4 RBA issues – help please !

Hi guys, not really a total noob at this, have built dual alien builds etc on various setup with no issues… but.. there's always one !

While I wait to grab some new quads for my TFV4, I thought I would wick up the RBA that came with it, came with coil already in so a simple matter of stuffing some cotton bacon through and bingo ! Not NO ! After a few attempts, more cotton, less cotton, within 2-3 draws getting that awful dry-burn flavour.. (using "This <a href="”>juice"'s loveley twista flavour…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Argghhh !! TFV4 RBA issues – help please !

Diy juice nausea…

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the group and fairly new to vaping (been on the <a href="”>vape most of the year).
I use a Smok Alien with a Cloud Beast and I love it.
I have recently mixed a batch of my own <a href="”>juice and after a good time steeping I have just tried it and got a huge nicotine rush, headache and nausea after only 4/5 pulls.
I used an e<a href="”>juice calculator to help mix and it should only be 3mg nicotine. 75/25 VG/PG and 22% flavouring (capella).

So yeah, does anyone have any ideas as to what has…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”><a href="”>juice-nausea.126498/”>diy <a href="”>juice nausea…