Positives of vaping and health benefits

I know the many positives of vaping, but I like hearing how vaping has helped everyone else. I used to wake up every morning with. A dry threat and would could stuff up and spit stuff up, then when I switched to vaping it all went away. I know vaping hasn't been around that long and they don't know the long term effects but has anyone been vaping for 5+ years , and if so , how is their health. Just lost a grandmother to copd and emphysema so i'm trying to look on the positive side that I…

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Alcohol smell when mixing?

I've bought all my concentrates and vg/pg from Vapours r us

So what i've done is i bought a 100ml bottle of 70/30 vg/pg all ready mixed
i shook it up so it mixed well and poured out 20ml
then i added 20ml of Unicorn Blood concentrate which is pg based

So i've <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>vaped on it a little bit and i only get a little flavour nothing amazing or strong like i would from the shops why?
also for the past 1-2 days ive left the lid open with tissue over the top because the mix has quite a strong smell of…

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