Help Identifying Coil

1st Post!
Can anyone tell me what coil this is and where to buy them? My e-cig was made in china and theres no brand on the coil just says 0.3 15-60w + it only came with one unfortunately I dont want to buy a new tank if I can avoid it just because I cant find the coils online



hi guys,
I'm new here and just seeing if anyone could help me out regarding my rig v3. I bought it on Black Friday and it turned up today but as you can see in the pics it's a mess!! Therese like a fingerprint burnt in to the top, black stuff in the 510 and down the tube, and what concerns me the most is the insulator where the battery sits at the bottom looks damaged. if anyone has any feed back I'd appreciate it

Potentially Fake UWell Crown Tank and Coils

Firstly, apologies if this is the wrong section of forum for this posting. First post so not totally with the program. So I switched to vaping about 2 years ago now. Been through various mods and switched to sub-ohming about 6 months back. Anyway, I decided on new setup recently consisting of UWell Crown Tank with 0.5 Coils running off Wismech RX200.

I purchased all items from vendor who just happens to offer discount via this site. The tank arrived along with 2 sets of coils (4 Pack)…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Potentially Fake UWell Crown Tank and Coils

Not much vapour from my new innokin

HI there

I've just bought an innokin coolfire 4 plus with isub a. week into vaping not getting much vapour out of it. changed the coil which is 25 35 watt. still not much vapour my settings are as follows:

35 watt if I increase doesn't make much difference

Voltage 0

0.49 ohms resistance on coil it's new

Average drag length 2 seconds

Not sure what I can do plenty of eliquid and full battery charge. anything I can try this is my first ecig. thanks in advance