Are They Taking The MICK!

SO this week at the shop we had 2 salesmen in who just walked in, Both was from a big tobacco company trying to sell me overpriced pens and cartridges and couldn't understand the concept of why we won't stock anything from a tobacco company! Then we had a big pharmaceutical company come in a try to flock of white label liquids to us which by the way smelt revolting the orange smells like burning hair, It seems to me they want in on the vaping scene but i think they would personally benefit…

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Ciggy Juice – Blueberry Slush

Hi All,

As per my other posts, I'm new into diy liquids and I've been doing a bit of ordering from various online store. Was looking for a Blueberry Slush to mix. After a bit of googling, got a hit on Ciggy <a href="”>juice. Decided to order a few concentrates and this stuff is really good.

Mixed at 10% flavour 80VG/20PG 3mg Nic, some vigorous shaking, warm water dunking, cooling (not sure how much that helped) and then straight onto my RDA.

Amazing quality, not a hint of harshness, lovely flavour….

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Sub ohm and nicotine

At present I use a Nautilus with 1.8 ohm coil on a Pico at 8.5 watts for MTL. I've seen an offer for a Triton mini plus some 0.15 Ni-200 coils and am thinking to try a bit of sub ohming and TC. All my <a href="”>juices are 18 or 24mg nicotine. Will I need some lower nicotine <a href="”>juices or can I use what I already have? If yes, what temp should I use or is it like how long is a piece of string?

New wick, strong taste of cotton

Yesterday I re-wicked my OBS Engine but I was occasionally getting what tasted like dry hits, so today, I put in new coils and cotton. It's even worse.
Did some Googling and found this can be common with new wicks, although I haven't noticed it before :-/
Apparently you can <a href="”>vape through it, but it's taking a while and it's not very pleasant! Is it worth it, or should I dump this last tankful of my favourite <a href="”>juice and start again?
PS. I wonder if my cotton is contaminated. I haven't kept it…

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What is the best coil ?

Hi everyone I have a smok have priv kit and I would like to know what the best coil is to use I'm using the Clapton coil now and it is good but some of the homemade fluids taste is not coming through! So just wanted to ask if it is just the fluid or is there a better or perfered coil to use . Or should I get the rba coil
I <a href="”>vape at around 30 -40 watt and do get a lot of burn taste


Cheap Mod

Hi All

I'm look for a new cheap mod for out and about,but it must hold two18650 battery's and be costing no more that £40. Do you guys have any recommendations.

Thanks Guys

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SS TC help!

Hey all,

I recently bought a Triade DNA250 mod, an OBS Engine RTA and I've just been given some SS 316L 26AWG wire. I made a dual build with 6 and a half wraps and I'm getting 0.24 ohms.

I currently have my W set at 50 (although it heats up ridiculously fast at much lower temps) and I can't get any flavour OR vapour until I'm set to around 550F.. And even still, this is nothing compared to the Kanthal builds I've had other than it's been a consistent taste. Anytime I read other posts…

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New DIY mixer using TW Concentrates very muted??

Can you please take it easy on me and not be too rough [emoji854]

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I want a nice shake and <a href="”>vape, what earth am I doing wrong? It is simply am not letting it steep, if so, what can I do to make a shake & <a href="”>vape?

Many thanks