Atlantis v2 shorting?

Ive recently got the v2. Was working fine on my xcube2 with both 0.5 and 0.3 coils. Now, especially with the 0.3's my mod keeps shutting down after every puff. Not getting any messages. The led flashes red and blue then it just shuts down. Tried several coils and its still the same. Any ideas?

in need of a tugboat v2.5

I am looking to purchase with the kids inheritance a tugboat v2.5 starter kit mech mod cloan

now seeing as i have spent most of my children's inheritance on mods and <a href="”>juice I have very little money left hence the cloan

i have tried eBay but most is from overseas so do any aps know of a uk supplier who sell the mods

thank you

Faulty ohm Reader on mod, still safe to use?

I purchased a Kanger TopBox Mini Starter Kit for using when I'm out and about. My RX 2/3 is a bit bulky and my ego pens just aren't satisfying any more after going sub-ohm.

The mod arrived faulty, it reads every coil at 0.31ohms. Tried different tanks and coils etc. and cleaning the 510 connection but it's still the same.

I had to open a PayPal dispute to get a refund from the company I bought it from, and because the company didn't respond PayPal have refunded my money in full without me…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Faulty ohm Reader on mod, still safe to use?

How is everyone building their TFV8 RBA deck?

As the title says really, I'm after ideas/inspiration.

I've run out of stock coils and am giving the RBA a go using the fused claptons that come pre-installed.

These ohm out at 0.3 but the ramp up on them is so long I'm beginning to wonder if they're made out of wood, and I'm not over joyed at having to put 100 plus watts through them to get a decent <a href="”>vape.

Clones : What’s the Deal ?

Hi apes,
I see people referring to clones quite a bit but I don't entirely grasp what the deal on them is. I presume a clone is a cheap knockoff of high end kit, probably Chinese. But there's not much kit out there that's all that expensive – i'm not trying to be smug (i'm far from loaded) but most mods cost £70 or less and tanks half of that so i'm surprised people bother to make knock off versions of them.

Is there a level of kit that I've not seen, that delivers another level of…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Clones : What's the Deal ?