New mod and tank, suggestions please

Evening all,

I'm after something that will give me a bit more flavour than my cool fire 4 plus and cleito tank. Have been looking at some 200w mods with either a baby beast or cleito 120 as they seem popular, any other ideas?

Might sound a bit odd but I prefer when the vapour is cool rather than warm so don't run my current set up above 50w generally speaking. As you up the wattage do you up the temp or can temp control combat that?

Feel free to post stuff for sale if it's relevant.

Chuffed [emoji4][emoji4]

So I'm now at the end of day 4 at giving it a go to pack in my 20-30 cigs a day 35 year old habit and feeling very happy with my self as I've only had 4 cigs today [emoji4][emoji4]
I've noticed some of you have a days of vaping counter ! How and where do you get that please [emoji4][emoji4]


Sore mouth

hi I'm hoping someone can offer me some advice here please. I have been using an e cig since around November last year. I haven't managed to kick the cigs completely but got myself down to 4 a day instead of 24. My issue is I keep getting a sore mouth. I've managed to control it to a certain degree until recently when I bought an E leaf istick, this seemed to make my mouth really sore & gave me blisters on my lips. I'm using 100% VG as I can't tolerate PG on my throat. I use at 4.5 v as that…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Sore mouth

NEW TANKS!! There’s a new sherrif in town

We had a big old dry spell when it came to new tanks (I did anyway) and I kept going back to old reliable, the subtank mini.

It's been time for my yearly upgrade so I've got a Merlin, a TFV4 micro and a Goblin mini V3 (last one's still en route).

So I coiled up the TFV4 micro…. wow, what great flavour, deck's pretty easy to build on, a breeze to wick (using my method), no leaks but it goes through <a href="”>juice like a mofo. Amazing though.

The Merlin arrived today, even easier to coil and wick…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>NEW TANKS!! There's a new sherrif in town

Fasttech delivery

Hi <a href="”>vapers I ordered a mod from Fasttech on the 9th of this month paid the extra for recorded , still not received I've tried tracking and it says it got to the UK on the 22nd, does it normally take this long ?? bought from Gearbest and had my stuff in 9 days !!!!

UD Mesmer

Recently got myself a UD Mesmer.

It's performing ok but I'm finding the coils very crackly and not a particularly great flavour coming out of them.

I'm using the 1.8 coils as MTL is my preferred way of vaping. Did try the 0.5 but wasn't keen.

Just wondered if any others apes have got a view on it?

Fucking annoyed!

So. @ecigone had the lux mod for £50 so I brought it which was qualified for free delivery. Little did I know it was Hermes. So I thought hey hopefully it will turn up.




Oh look it's out for delivery, whoooooooooleee!

Checking tracking every minute. Then comes 430pm , it updates to "delivered at 2.40 was left on porch"

I was like why the fuck not ring the bell, so i head downstairs. (I live in a 2 for flat) well lookie, no parcel. So my first reaction is to…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Fucking annoyed!