Fasttech delivery

Hi <a href="”>vapers I ordered a mod from Fasttech on the 9th of this month paid the extra for recorded , still not received I've tried tracking and it says it got to the UK on the 22nd, does it normally take this long ?? bought from Gearbest and had my stuff in 9 days !!!!

UD Mesmer

Recently got myself a UD Mesmer.

It's performing ok but I'm finding the coils very crackly and not a particularly great flavour coming out of them.

I'm using the 1.8 coils as MTL is my preferred way of vaping. Did try the 0.5 but wasn't keen.

Just wondered if any others apes have got a view on it?

Fucking annoyed!

So. @ecigone had the lux mod for £50 so I brought it which was qualified for free delivery. Little did I know it was Hermes. So I thought hey hopefully it will turn up.




Oh look it's out for delivery, whoooooooooleee!

Checking tracking every minute. Then comes 430pm , it updates to "delivered at 2.40 was left on porch"

I was like why the fuck not ring the bell, so i head downstairs. (I live in a 2 for flat) well lookie, no parcel. So my first reaction is to…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Fucking annoyed!