How do you deal with the realisation you’ve bought a lame liquid?

Evening guys, a recent run of poor e-liquid choices has left me a little depressed, and reluctant to adventure into the unknown. It's a shame really, as to me half the enjoyment of vaping is trying new liquids and finding that taste sensation for the first time. More so, the blow of having to deal with the fact that you have potentially spent up to £20 on something you don't even want to <a href="”>vape is a real kick in the balls.

Anyway, how do you guys go about avoiding or easing the post purchase…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>How do you deal with the realisation you've bought a lame liquid?

Mod Suggestions.

Hi apes. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for mods. Currently I'm using a TECC Arc3 40watt which works great but the charge doesn't seem great I'm forever charging it overnight I don't even <a href="”>vape loads.

Now I have been suggested to get the evic vtc mini or smok alien. Which I may do in future but right now I want something similar to what I have now. Maybe 40-60watt range?

Once again. Thanks in advance for all the advice.