Smok Alien with TFV8 (not baby beast)?

Hi folks,

Has anyone put a TFV8 on the new Smok Alien? How does it fit, is it too big? I tend to <a href="”>vape at around 120w on a octocoli and the TFV8 baby beast coils don't go up to these sort of watts.

Also are the any UK sellers with stock, and preferably next day delivery?

This is quite urgent as I dropped my koopor 200w mod last night at work and ran over the battery cover with a forklift!

Need Some suggestions

hi all,
i have currently been smoking for around 30 years and decided to try vaping to see if i can stop, so far 12 days and no real urges to start again which is an adedd bonus.
now what im looking for is a kit i can start out on.
i do have one i got from a friend to try out and its what i have been using for the last 12 days or so (
ECT ET50 50W BOX mod STARTER KIT + FOG MINI ATOMIZER TANK) im currently using a 0.2ohm coil in this at 28.8 watt. to be honest i have…

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Kangerteck Protank 4

Having tried various coil options on the Protank 4 (I'm MTL) I got to putting a single coil Clapton 1.0 Ohm in the twin coil deck. Blocking the <a href="”>juice ports and the airflow hole on the opposite side with tightly packed cotton it works a treat, the flavors as good as my Merlin only with an airier draw, only thing is it isn't really a permanent fix so to speak. I was just wondering whether the rebuildable deck from the Kanger Subtank mini would fit as it's a single coil design and can be had…

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E juice going down fast

I'm a bit confused as to what makes the E <a href="”>juice go down fast. I've got the Aspire Nautilus X and use the 1.8 coils. The <a href="”>juice is 50/50. The reason I use the 1.8 coils is that 3 different websites said that the higher the ohms, the less <a href="”>juice will be used but it seems to be going down quite quick. I <a href="”>vape between 12 – 15 watts.

Stomach problems

Hi all,

I'm really hoping some of you can give me some advice about the stomach issues I'm have from vaping.

I've tried vaping unsuccessfully three times now and am going for the fourth. I really want it to work this time. So anyway, here it goes:

I get a stomach ache from vaping, almost instantly, as soon as I've taken the first hit. It starts off as a bloating in the stomach, before moving into a moderate but not severe griping in my gut (I'm not doubled over in pain, just very…

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