Serpent Mini

Evening guys, been on a bit of a buying spree recently. Got a Serpent Mini from M <a href="”>vapes on the way to break into RDA/RTA. Haven't got the money to invest in the tools needed to make my own coils at the mo. Am keen to in future, but just wanna grab a few pre-built coils to test the tank while payday. Have been looking at the M <a href="”>vapes pre-built coils and was wondering what you guys would advise for the best flavour possible. I'm solely using variable wattage right now but was tempted to grab a…

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Want to try tobacco juice – advise please

Hi all!

Been a while since I posted due to being busy in life. For a period of a month or so I've been back on cigarettes. It happened when a relative brought over a bunch of fags from my home country – I wouldn't buy ciggies on my own accord however having 200 just sitting there, free of charge, made me want to try one and see how it feels. Then I went to a pub with a colleague…you know the rest..ex <a href="”>smoker having drinks with everyone around smoking.

The saying "once an addict = always…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”><a href="”>juice-advise-please.119303/”>Want to try tobacco <a href="”>juice – advise please

The mind changer

It's a well known fact that I like my high powered regulated mods. It's also a well known fact that I [emoji173]️ DNA200 mods, would very much like my DNA250 budget to increase at a faster rate and am generally a happy bunny.
I've never fancied a Yihi powered high output mod. Too much of a faff and I'm firmly in the DNA camp.
When they released the Q class I was in two minds to buy one though. I mean faff or not- yihi make good chips and that Q class is a looker. But I've resisted and…

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Not satisfying Vape

I recently started vaping again. I really don't know why. I use a RBA with 0.5ohm between 15-20w and 6mg Nicotine. But I still thinking on cigarettes.

When I get pissed about something or stress I looking for cigarettes. I really want to quit those damned sticks and keep <a href="”>vape.

What do you guys do when you get stressed or problems comes ?

I also don't like Direct lung <a href="”>vape.
So what can you guys recommend a tank for MTL ??

Which Mod for my Uwell Crown 2

Hello everyone,
im looking at gettimg the uwell crown 2 tank, but im pretty sure i will need a mod a little bigger than my little pico.

I was looking at either the smok x cube ultra or the reuleaux rx 2/3 (assuming they fit the crown 2). I know i probably wont need so much power but i want the batteries to last atleast a day or two and they will hopefully be future proof just incase i want a bigger tank and they both have the potential for upgradable firmware.

Well that's my reasoning on…

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The weird world of DIY eliquid

So I've been vaping for about 6 months and diy mixing for 5. I've stuck to single flavours so far mostly for cost/ease reasons.

Today, weirdness happened – but good weirdness!

When I started (probably like most newbies) I thought I'd really like chocolate flavours – I soon found out they sucked and tasted nothing like a dairy milk bar. I stuck with it trying loads, but TBH in the end I stuck to coffees, banana and nuts instead.

Last month I thought I'd try something new – custard. So I…

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Such a newbie question!! Lol

Hi guys I'm about to order my first diy kit and some extra 30ml bottles so just asking how you would normally fill the bottles do they have a top that comes off or do you have to use a needle syringe to fill ??

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