LiQuid £1 juices… Tobaccos

I've been meaning to try some of these for while so I took a chance and ordered 7 different Tobaccos in 50/50 12mg. They arrived super quickly, I got an email saying they had been sent 2 hours after making the order yesterday!

…anyway they've arrived (by royal mail 24) I got RY4, Virginia, American Lites, British, Black, Premium and Rolling.

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First up RY4… I figured I'd try this first as it's 'famous' and I've…

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Returning a Joyetech eVic AIO 75

Hi people,

I do apologize for jumping straight in with this. I have attempted to search for similar information regarding returning of mods/tanks etc and not getting far.

I purchased the Joyetech AIO 75W this week and the flooding and spitting is shocking. I have looked at various tutorials on how to work around this, but it's such a pain. It simply doesn't do what it's supposed to. What I want is a stress free easy device and this isn't it.

Now I am that unhappy with it that I have…

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Uwell Crown Tanks

Uwell Crown tanks ( the mk1 version)……what is there not to love about them !
Top filling, well made and easy to clean.
The black and rose gold versions are anodised and not painted, so the coating does not fall off after a weeks use.
The coils seem to last for ages, they do not leak (well none of mine do) and you get really good flavour.
So, I bought another tonite. That's 5 I own now and with enough coils including Ni ones to last me into the new year.
If there any issues with the…

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Looking for my 1st RTA

Sorry for another "which tank" but I have read a lot of posts but other peeps have different requirements so I thought it best to start my own.

I have never had a RDA before so looking:

1. Easy to work on
2. Doesn't spew liquid out from all holes
3. Got a decent tank capacity i.e 4ml

I know everything is subjective and everybody has their favs. I narrowed my search down to either an IJOY Limitless or an EHPRO Billow V3 but is there anything else I should look at? Or is there anything in…

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