Comment when you smoke a cigarette

Hey guys

So I ended buying a deck today after a argument which is stressing! This resorted me to wanting a cigarette

I just want to note this down so I can come back to this and think wtf were you doing.

So let us know when you had a cheeky cigarette and let us know how shit it was.

My first one today was vile!

Tanks and Flavour

I have an iStick 40w with a CS air tank and a Pico with Melo III mini tank, also have a Triton Mini.

I have a question…I've been using the iStick and the Pico with different tanks and no matter what I try the flavour isn't as good with the Melo and Triton tanks as with the CS. I have tried changing the air flow and coils but to no avail. I have a 1.5ohm in the CS and 1.8ohm in the others. Any advice please. [emoji3]

Therion DNA 133

Any Therion owners picking one of these up?

The extra wattage would be useful when using an RDA for me at least. Was going to pick up a Triade but want a black one to match my Therion and I can't find one currently. Think I need both of these now though.

Bit gutted they released this not long after the 75. As I would have just got the 133.

Smok Alien vs IPV6x

Ok Apes,

I'm looking at buying a new mod.

The two above fit the bill in terms of form factor and dual battery 18650. Only have a D2 changer and looking for something the goes in the pocket well so 3 batteries is not an option. My logic being that the Smok H-Priv & XCube Ultra are bang on for TC, so is the IPV400 according to DJLsb <a href="”>vapes so I'm assuming the trend will continue.

Would like to give TC a good go so that's important, budget is £70 or under. Not bothered about waiting as have…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Smok Alien vs IPV6x

simple rda/rta for mtl

well i think im ready to have a go at an rda/rta kind of know what to get but not sure so alittle help and your opnions wont go a miss im after something simple to build on with just one coil to start with was thinking if people listed they top two rda/rta's for mtl what ever is the most popular i'll probaly get if you dont mind i enjoy my rx200 with the cleatio tank but when im at home in the evening i use the coolfire plus and nautilus tank that way i can see the tv with out a room full…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>simple rda/rta for mtl

next rta?

Some advice on my next atty please. I like drippers the most and to give you a flavour of what I like here is a small list of some of my favourites. Tsunami 24, goon, serpent mini and limitless.
Not convinced on the limitless but I really do like the serpent, something with slightly more air flow and possibly dual coil might fit the bill. Any ideas welcome including builds.