Cool fires

So I've currently got an istick tc40 that I run mainly a triton mini on. Lately it's getting really quite hot when charging so I'm thinking its time to get the soldering iron out and stick a new battery in it but I'm thinking of getting another similar sized mod and wondered what else is out there? I like the look of the cool fires and I very rarely get above 20w so I've no need for a 100w version but I'm more interested in how long it's gonna last. I've noticed the iv is 40w and the iv plus…

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R.i.p Mvp

So i woke up this morning and my mvp 3.0 pro seems to have given up the ghost. Had this mod since i started vaping and has been an amazing piece of kit. But the thing that annoys me is that it was on and working fine before i went to bed and now its not even turning on [emoji20] [emoji20]

Lemo 3

Just watched a review on the new lemo 3 rta looks good you can either use the rba deck or the stock coils a .25 nichrome coil cant remember the other one. Rba looks a bit fiddly u need to screw it in after u have built it but i think it will be worth the hassle. Lots of airflow which i like. Top fill is a plus and has a 4ml capacity. And the big thing i like is they include a ceramic tweezers atty/coil wrench thingy which is cool.

What is temperature control?

Alright guys for a old guy like me what is the basic of what this new temp control is? keep reading about it and know the basics of the device reading the temp rather than the power etc. now i know highet wstts equals more <a href="”>vape but apart from that no idea what the benefits are of having a controlled temp instead. If it's for me ill look to upgrade to a new set up but that's a big if.

so yeah temp control for dummies, why do it?

Vaporesso Gemini the worst tank you’ve ever owned

Got myself a Gemini couple of months back. Came with 2 Clapton's installed. Wicked her up and the flavour is dead. So muted and just tasted like cotton. Decided to change on several occasions. I've had 28g twisted in there, dual parallel kanthal, nickel builds and tonight I installed a dual titanium build parallel coils 5 wraps 0.07 ohm and it's just the same dull dead <a href="”>vape, amazing flavour…if you like cotton. I've tried different wicking variations too with no luck. Can see me getting rid…

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A great big thanks to rob

just a great big thankyou to <a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>” data-user=”8823, @Rob”>@Rob we all know how kind hearted he his and will try to help us apes
Last week I put up a thread about the nautilus X. And how there was very Little flavour with the new coils I didn't know rob had been following this thread later that afternoon rob asked for my address but he wouldn't tell me why .Today in the post was a brand new nautilus to make up for the nautilus X so with all my heart rob you are a true gent thank you very much for the…

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Vaping at forthcoming festival…

Afternoon everyone Just a quick question, I am attending the electric daisy carnival at Milton Keynes bowl on the 9th of July. I was reading through the event info on what to bring/not to bring and it says that if bringing an ecig it has to be a non refillable disposable type. That kinda sucks. So if I chance bringing any sort of <a href="”>vape I won't be allowed in with it and if so, what sort of cheap non disposable ecig can I use that's non refillable? The only ones I can think of are those really…

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What would new kit give me?

Hi All,

I have been using the same mod and tanks fora while now and am getting the urge for something new.
I understand what a new tank could give me – more flavour, more cloud, bigger build deck etc. The options are near endless.

What I don't get so much is what a new mod could give me.

I am using the Aspire Pegasus which I love and run at around 40W. If I went and got a 100, 150 even 200W mod I am concerned that although a new toy is always nice I will still run at 40W and just have…

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