List of trusted E Liquid suppliers

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E liquid Suppliers

A simple all in one place guide for members to search for E liquid.

all links below are safe but are used at owners risk.
this post is for information purposes only and myself and the forum owners take no responsibility on orders or delivery times or if you dont like the liquid as tastes are subjective and what one person likes the another may not.

i have…

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Coil help!

How do i know if i have a single or double coil? Its 0.5ohms (steel) runs at 30-60 watts and came with the isub v tank i purchased… Reason for question is im new to vaping an my smok rt80 asks if im using a single or double

Any views on REJUICED e-liquids?

Was just wondering if anyone else had tried Reliquid_c_7.html”>juiced, and had any views on them.

I received my first order 2 days ago. So they've had 2 days dark steeping (with 12 hours initial top off). Not a long period, but there is absolutely no flavour coming through from the liquid_c_7.html”>juices yet – and two of them are fairly straightforward fruits (Blood Orange, and Berries & Cherries) and I would have thought there'd be something there by now.

The Blood Orange has an extremely muted, slight orange flavour…

liquid_c_7.html”>”>juiced-e-liquids.104399/”>Any views on REliquid_c_7.html”>juiceD e-liquids?

Suggestions on new setup?

Hi Guys

Was looking for suggestions for a new set up;

Currently using a istick TC40W with a Uwell Crown tank.

The battery is getting way too hot when in use now and im getting a lot of spit back from the tank.

Also i would like something that hold a really good charge but also gives me a nice hit, as my current set up i think ive got used to know and it doesnt taste/hit the same everytime.

Advice about Best eliquids and Where to get them from ?

Hey guys So im new to the forum and also New to Vaping.

Im currently searching the Web and the forum to find some advice about the best elquid and also good sites to purchase from etc Im sure loads off you all have your preffrances. Just need advice on a good site that sells eliquid_c_7.html”>juice, mods etc.

I have looked at the advertisments on here etc but with being a noob unsure which one to go with!

Hope your all having an awsome day liquid_c_7.html”>” class=”mceSmilie” alt=”:)” title=”1 :)” />

Batteries what’s the deal

So I bought myself an eleaf pico and now need to get some batteries to go with it and n's like a recomedation if poss. I've got a cool fire 4 plus and I'm sure the woman in the shop said it had a 3500 mah battery this seems perfect for me in terms of life so if poss I'd like something that will last as one. I wasn't planning on buying a charger as I'll just charge it via the USA like my cool fire. Any help appreciated boys and girls.

Mary Jane juice?!

I have heard a lot of people lately talking about cannabis flavoured e-liquids!!! I am just wondering really what peoples thoughts are on this, whether they recommend any particular brand or even if they make their own, where they get flavor concentrates from?! My brother has recently taken up vaping to try and kick his stinky stick habit, under my guidance but the problem is that he STILL liquid_c_7.html”>smokes the weed and my NEXT goal is to get him off that too!!! I diy my own liquid_c_7.html”>juice aswell as friends,…

liquid_c_7.html”>”>juice.111141/”>Mary Jane liquid_c_7.html”>juice?!