Join the E-Liquid Side ? It Has Flavors

Non-smokers always ask cigarette smokers the million dollar question: “What’s so likeable about smoking?” to which they mostly reply with: “What’s not to like?” There seems to be a constant battle between non-smokers and smokers. On one hand, the members of the first group simply can’t explain to themselves what’s so rewarding in inhaling and exhaling smoke into and from the lungs. They see it as a pointless habit, claiming it’s just a stupid smoke, which moreover, leaves you with bad breath, among other things. Cigarette smokers claim that you could say the same about football, that it’s just a stupid sport in which a bunch of people chase a ball.

The thing is that no matter whose opinion you support, everybody will always have arguments. Some are more convincing than the others, but the fact is that if you’ll ask a smoking “veteran” about his habit, he’ll give you a passionate speech. Non-smokers’ biggest concern is the health of those who breathe the burnt tobacco and probably smokers’ most common answer is: Why shouldn’t we do what we like, since people die anyway at some point? Some of them see non-smokers as cowards, afraid to do what they would love to, because of the aftermaths. It’s true that we’ll all end up six feet under, but it’s a matter of time when will this happen and it’s fairly silly not to dispose of the time you have left, deciding to throw it on the window instead.

Today, however, it seems that smokers and non-smokers have made a truce, coming to some sort of an agreement. How did that happen? The answer is quite simple – Electronic Cigarettes and E-liquid. Non-smokers persuaded smokers to start using Electronic Cigarettes together with the E-liquid. The cigarette smokers, skeptical at first, thought that buying Electronic Cigarettes and E-liquid would be a waste of money, since there was absolutely no way that such simple devices like Electronic Cigarettes and cartridges containing E-liquid would manage to successfully replace the average cigarette. Some of them eventually decided to try them and they didn’t regret the decision in the slightest. Not only the Electronic Cigarettes and the E-liquid with its colorful flavors proved to be worthy competitors to the cigarettes, but they are also ahead in this race, practically making everyone happy. The non-smokers no longer have concerns and the ex-cigarette-smokers-now-Electronic-Cigarette-smokers also give them a helping hand in spreading the word that there is a way to smoke without being worried that your internal organs would lose their functionality.

So far, the nicotine patch has been the only competitor to cigarette smoking, but with no visible improvements, failing to make a difference on the market. However, today, the three names feared by the tobacco industry are <a target="_blank" href="” title=”Electronic Cigarettes”>Electronic Cigarettes, <a target="_blank" href="” title=”e-liquid“>e-liquid and <a target="_blank" href="” title=”liquid Nicotine”>liquid Nicotine, which offer a viable solution to the smoking problem. You can visit and find more about it.

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