Make your own nicotine-free e-liquid in any flavour you like.

Note that it appears that some sources of glycerine/glycerol supply it pre-diluted to make it flow easier. It may be worth using much less water to get a thicker vapour.
This is a simple guide to making your own e-liquid or vape juice for typical electronic cigarettes, e-shishas or other vaping devices.
The recipe is really simple. Just a mixture of 80% glycerine or glycerol as it’s sometimes known and 20% water. That makes a base vaping fluid that you can then add a small quantity of water-soluble (non oil based) flavouring to. I’ve had good results using bottles of glycerine bought from Boots the Chemist in the UK and flavoured with ClassiKool concentrated flood flavourings bought on ebay.
The flavouring must be food grade for safety and I recommend boiling the water and letting it cool to ensure it is sterile, although the glycerine has preserving qualities.
The typical nicotine based fluids sometimes use propylene glycol instead of glycerine, since it gives what smokers refer to as a “throat hit”. It’s not that pleasant, so I’d recommend sticking to glycerine so you can enjoy the flavours you’ve added.
Most e-liquid manufacturers refer to the glycerine they use as VG or vegetable glycerine.

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