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Hey everyone! Long time lurker and i finally felt it was time i pulled the trigger and registered for the forum. Started vaping after my 31st bday back in October. Haven’t had a cigarette since. Former Marine (got out in 2012 after 10 years in). Full time student (graduating this May).

Started with a Vapin PLus kit I got at Family Dollar of all places. After a month with that i decided I needed something a bit more powerful and picked up an Aspire CF VV+ with the Nautilus Mini and the regular sized tank. Also have a Vamo V5 but the charger that came with the kit wont charge the batteries and I havent used it since. Really need to pick up some batteries and a charger.

So yea, thought I’d introduce myself. Hi!

We need to really start pushing back

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Ray Yeates

5 hrs · Edited

Hi everyone. I’ve made my pleas, I’ve called them all as often as I was able. So far to no avail. It’s depressing, frustrating and beyond my comprehension to fathom that so many entrusted by the public have become so untrustworthy. Especially when it comes down to Canadians most valued priorities of Freedom and Health. Indeed those two values are the top cornerstones of Canadians as shown in a recent survey across our great country. (link below)
I’m making the afore mention…ed assumptions because though I have expressed our concerns of our united voices becoming obscure while industry voices have been manipulated suffeciently enough to cause discord and distractions taking away from what is in the best interest of the primary stakeholders…! The smoker/vapers’ who health and even lives are left at risk.
I am making a plea once again to all of you who know what must be done to unite us as one voice with a very clear message.
1. I am calling on everyone to either call (most effective) or email asap to the Department of Health and Wellness Nova Scotia.
Public Health Branch
Department of Health & Wellness
1894 Barrington Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 2R8
2. THRA is in dire need of volunteers on the board of directors and also be it known my health is not getting better whereas limitations are now facing me as to what I am capable of doing and what I am not. This can’t be changed so I have no choice but to step back more from THRA and pray those in better health than myself will carry on for the sake of our cause for those who simply can’t . I will still help as best I can though.
3. Don’t give up! There are plenty of new groups and strategies adopted by those groups that THRA is aware of . One being the M.O.V.E. consisting of top Doctors, Scientist, Tobacco Experts, Nurses, and other prominent voices from around the globe that are rallying a united front against the lies, misinformation and demonizing of vapers and the vaping community. Please be ready to support them in all ways you can.
With that please be assured : " We CAN do….what I alone cannot! I invite you all to standup for your rights and freedoms as Canadians and as smokers who managed to save your own lives in spite of all the odds against you. vape Safe! vape Proud!
Thank you for supporting and inspiring me also.
Regards: Ray and Family.
Read more:…/what-unites-canada-charter-of-rights-…

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What unites Canada? Charter of Rights and universal health care: poll respondents
Two items often held up as cornerstones of Canadian values — the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and universal health care — are tops among things that help…

Quick stupid question about kicks :S

Okay so I’ve been looking into kick modules for mech mods… But if somebody were to build an atty at say 0.4 ohms a kick with a max of 15 watts (The highest I have seen) will actually hold them back from getting all the power they like, correct?

So is there a kick that just has the under load and short circuit protection? I don’t need the VW function or anything. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

One Tank to rule them all!

I’ll tell you what guys.
I’ve done TONS of research and I still can’t get my mind straight on the right tank.
So many new tanks its making my head spin.
Theres the
Delta II which REALLY intrigues me but I want to know more about the others.
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The lemo, melo, goblin, silverplay, kayfun, subtank, and more!
So I don’t know what to chose!

I have sold my atlantis and I really loved it except for the fact it had those ….ty wicks that scared me.
But at the same time I want a subohm tank that I can simply replace the coil head or do it myself with easy rebuild.
Is it true the Melo is an OCC and almost an exact copy of the atlantis?
Please lemme know guys I am itching to get a new tank…or maybe a few 😉

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Aspire Atlantis problem

Hello everyone. I’m having trouble with the Atlantis don’t get me wrong its a beast tank but I notice after 3 days the coils burn out at 30 watts. I have a brand new coil in right now and the juice is leaking out of the widest airhole. What could be the problem? I don’t want the juice to leak in to my 510 connection its a brand new DNA30.

For the masses… It arrived and it’s ready to be vaped (Preview RDA)

As promised, here’s a preview of the RDA (for now) until I get a proper camera holder available soon enough and will be happy to go into details of this sexy fine art. I gotta say, the competition lives up to its name. However, a video review will be worth more than where my mouth is just talking about it. It’s ridiculously cloudy my room is engulfed in mist. Once again, I like to thank everyone on here for their patience due to the USPS issue. However, it has arrived safely being enjoyed to vape, and to show/tell to you fellas.

For now, enjoy the preview and a few pics bellow 🙂

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From VaporDna
Wide Bore tip sold separately

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Thought this might be easy…not so fast.

Let me preface: I have had major panic disorder/anxiety disorder since I was 19 (now 39). I also have snuck a peek at my ‘file’…don’t tell anyone. I saw Post Traumatic Stress…I would rather not tell that story…and Major Depressive Disorder. Yes, I’m on Social Security Disability at 39. No, I don’t like it, I wish I were productive, but I’m not. I think that’s how I fell into smoking at 20, it seems all of that together is something of a trap. It’s funny, I never really thought about how many people at the mental health clinic I go to every month are standing outside smoking. Sorry about that tangent.

So what is it, almost 5 days ago, or 5 days ago, I can’t even remember. I assembled my ‘real’ PV (it is just a couple ego‘s, but I love ’em), and I have some (admittedly not great) 12mg juice…and some more on the way. I’m about flat broke for the next two weeks so this is what I’ll have to work with. I smoked about 22-24 analogs a day and am starting at 12mg because after reading, I figured it would at the very least, keep the edge of withdrawal off, and at best, I would be able to vape a bit more than I was expecting to!

So these last 4 days were great! I felt fine, I mean…fine. I had no symptoms of anything, which was sort of odd, but I took it to mean I was doing a good job with my 12mg choice. I do notice that I stop vaping about 8pm, which is usually when I would stop the analogs, too. I don’t really pick it up in the daytime until noon, either. I go through about 1ml a day so far…about 2ml one of those 4 days…I think the first day. Anyway, seems pretty mild to me. I don’t know what the nicotine dosage from 1ml of 12mg would be, honestly, as far as it would be compared to 22 analogs. I’m guessing not really close. I don’t chain vape, I hit it about four or five times every 45 minutes or so (I keep a notebook).

My plan is, when I have more spending money in second week of February, to buy some 6mg, and then in March to pick up some 3mg, and then in April possibly some 0mg…or stop entirely. I don’t really know how that will pan out yet. That’s just the plan.

Then, omg today happened. I got up at 9:30 this morning (which is normal, I have an infinitely flexible schedule as you may have guessed). But I realized today I’ve been wide awake longer and longer every night since switching to vaping. I’m going to toss out a guess, and say that it’s analog-withdrawal insomnia.

About noon I grabbed the PV and choked and spluttered on it, ended up coughing up some goo. I didn’t mind this so much, I chalked that up to my lungs being happy…(happier). Then holy crow, my left shoulder went into massive pain mode. Now, as an Anxiety and Panic Professional…I have long since learned that every little thing is not cancer, it is not a heart attack, it is not MS, and it is not an ‘Event’. But this one was overpowering. After much pain and the rumblings of my now familiar panic attacks…I realized…hey…nothing is radiating, nothing else hurts. Oh wait, my neck is stiff. This is not deadly. (By the by, this pain did go away after about six hours of freak-out time.)

The problem with this episode is that I rarely have full-blown freak-out panic attacks anymore. This is weird, but only if I have to go to a doc, if I have to set foot in a hospital for any reason, or if I have to go to a Wal-mart/Target or a supermarket. Otherwise I can banish it with the power of the skills I have learned from my 20-years of therapy with the same person. He taught me well. So, I’ve been concerned. I am slowly developing a headache behind the eyes, which is a hallmark of my previous quit-analogs-cold turkey attempts. Am I not getting enough nic today, I ask myself. Am I getting too much today? Because I was hitting it like a fiend for a couple hours in the late afternoon. It’s hard to tell.

I didn’t believe in the quit-zits either, but this dime-sized one I just discovered on my chest is evidence. Holy crap, it’s impressive. So between my stiff neck, my sore muscles, my weird pains, my eye-headache, and my anxiety going off abnormally, I can only assume that quitting analogs even with the help of vaping is going to be slightly harder than I thought. But still easier than the old ways.

Sorry about the rant, but it was a hard, difficult day. :unsure:

Dangers of Dual Coil?

So I recently got my first RDA, a Tobh Atty v2. I’ve been messing with different coils and gauges but tonight built my first dual coil. And it’s AMAZING! I get such a full hit, vape and flavor-wise. I recall being told by an electronic engineer(he is head of CAD at a company that builds power supplies) that there’s a slight danger with dual coil builds in that if one coil fails or pops, all that power will go through the other coil, causing the battery to pretty much explode. I guess I’m just asking how possible that is? It’s firing at .5ohm and I haveit on my IPV Mini set to 27w, dishing out 3.9v.

Serious Kanger Problems?

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since my last visit here but once again I find myself coming back. My setup for the past while has been a MVP V2 with an Aerotank. I enjoy the Aerotank but my coil usage is starting to get ridiculous. Coils usually last me 2 or 3 days if i’m lucky, Usually dieing for seemingly no reason whatsoever. I’ll be vaping perfectly fine with it, Set my device down. come back to it later on and every hit just tastes awfull.

A few weeks ago I had a coil last me just over a week, and this blew my mind. I know coils are supposed to last a while but I figured I always just got unlucky or something. Lately tho it’s just been frustrating me to no end.

I’ve tried all manners of different coils, Dual and Single, different ohms. I’ve tried high PG juice, High VG, 50/50. I generally run my equipment at around 7.0 Watts but have dropped back to 6.0 to see if that makes a difference. (it doesn’t) and I’ve tried getting my coils from different Vendors.

So, I was thinking that perhaps it’s my equipment causing the problems? I don’t even know how I would begin to test this out tho. Perhaps something isn’t genuine? Would a fake tank or MVP cause this problem? Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks a lot! : )