California SB140 to define ecigs as tobacco and treat vaping like smoking

Pharma shill Sen Mark Leno spewed this gilded turd in support of his murderous bill:
«No tobacco product should be exempt from California’s smoke-free laws simply because it’s sold in a modern or trendy disguise»

vapering advocates on Twitter had some choice words in reply too:

Sen Leno has the who’s who of Pharmafia as his major donors:{1|gro=d-eid

I propose we make an example of this sold out minor ANTZ. CA vapers unite and recall the wannabe desk murderer. Send a message to all poly-ticks we will not stand to have them take away our right to life.

Help narrow choices?

Hi, all:

I’ve been vaping for about 4 years and using a Reo VV Grand for the last 3, along with a ERA RBA. But the VVG seems to have given up the ghost and it’s time for a new mod.

The timing is actually not too bad, because I’ve been itching for a new toy lately anyway–you all know what I mean–so I’ve done some preliminary shopping. But with my VVG having crossed the Rainbow Bridge tonight, I don’t have the luxury of ordering online and waiting. I need to go into a vape shop first thing tomorrow and just buy something. I dread it because the shops I’ve browsed in are really gearhead-ish and I’ve had about enough of young whippersnappers calling my 3-year old gear ‘old school’ and talking to me like I’m an idiot. Ugh, that’s so annoying! My hobby isn’t vape gear. I vape because it’s superior to smoking analogs, and that’s all it is to me–an excellent alternative to a bad habit.

I just want an easy and reliable device that gives major throat hit and doesn’t look like a giant, um, neck massager. So I want a box mod, preferably on the smaller side, that is suitable for chain-vaping. So I need an RTA, too, I suppose. The RTA needs to be easy to rebuild. I would like to spend as little as possible, but will spend a little more for something that is good-looking or is notably superior to cheaper choices.

The local shops are selling these VV mods in my price range:

Sigelei 100W
ZNA 30 clone
eLeaf iStick 50
MVP 3.0
IPV Mini 30W

The ZNA clone was already on my radar because I like its looks. However, TH and flavor are my top priorities. I don’t care about clouds.

I don’t even know if I need a regulated VV. Before I had my Reo VVG, I used a Reo Mini, so my experience is pretty limited. Will having a regulated VV mod make my vaping experience easier and more consistent? I’m not a person who cares about technology for technology’s sake. I only care about whether the device will do what I want it to do.

Which of these do you think I should consider most seriously, and why? And also, if you have a recommendation for me on any of these mods, can you also recommend an RTA to go with it? I think a single coil would be best for me–does that sound right?

I would prefer a non-integrated battery, but I can live with that if the price is low. I’m usually near a USB port.

Sorry for being so needy! I’ve done a ton of reading here over the past few weeks, and I just keep getting more confused. Ultimately, I trust you all here on <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF much more than the guys in the shops.

Thanks, folks, for any help you can offer! I’m 4+ years smokefree after a 2-pack a day/35 year habit, & I never would have been able to do that if it weren’t for <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF.

dry burning nautilus bvc coils

I am quite new to vaping, (4 months in), and have looked everywhere to find a method of cleaning my coils for my recently purchased nautilus tank, to no avail. I decided to go ahead and try the good old fashioned rinse and dry burn, although I had heard it wouldn’t work for my bvc. Well after a good rinse I started to dry burn the coil, using a kanger mega regulated battery. I had to fire it for about 5-6 seconds at a time, and tons of smoke was coming off. After about 2 mins of this, I thought, I’m going to fry this coil, good thing I got another one in the package. Well after about 4-5 mins of dry burning and blowing both on the coil and thru the large air hole I saw my coil get red hot. Three more dry burns, red hot coil, and no smoke, I was ready to try it out. I let it cool for 5 mins, filled my tank, let sit 10 mins to absorb e juice, primed 3 times and vaped. Low and behold it was like a fresh new coil.


Need help with my vertical coil on kanger aertoank v2

Hey guys, I was following this tutorial: <a href="!616781!” target=”_blank”>…ical-coil.html by leekeylee and built some coils. I’m new to building, but built about 5 and they all came out around 1.2-1.5. I was using a 2mm bit with 6-7 wraps of 28g kanthal.

Anyway, in the post they suggest wrapping cotton around the coil so that it’s a tight fit. My coil was kind of small compared to how tall the head is, but I wrapped the cotton around and stuck it in like they showed. There was a gap in the top and I was worried about gurgling/leaking, so I added a ring of cotton above the coil with a hole in the middle for airflow. I popped it in and it was a VERY tight draw. I had the air control thing fully open and it still didn’t help. I’m thinking it was the extra cotton on top expanding or shifting and covering the airflow.

So, before I launch back into the build I was wanting some suggestions.
1.) How do you get the chimney off without taking the coil apart? I had to take the pin and grommet out and pull the insides out, then use a hammer and drill bit to pop the chimney off. I also had to hammer the chimney back in because I wasn’t strong enough to pop it back in. There has to be a way to get the chimney off without gutting it, right?

2.) Should I use more wraps, a bigger bit, or just keep what I’m doing coil wise and nix the extra cotton on top? I do enjoy my clouds, but I would rather have good flavour instead of huge clouds. If that helps.

Any alternative ways/guides to rebuild this head are welcome. This is my first attempt at building, so I’m open to experimenting with other builds and seeing what works best.