hi all. having issues with kanger subtank

Tried posting in a forum about this tank but wouldn’t let me. Anyhow I just bought the kanger sub tank less then a week ago. Have already burned out 3 coils. The .5 and 2 of the 1.2 ohm coils. The .5 I was using on a dmod with an 18650 battery. Recently bought the ipv3 and used the 1.2 coils with that at no more than 20w and fried both of them. Then I tried the rebuildable and that burned the first night. I’m very mad since I paid almost 60 bucks for this tank. Any ideas to help me out?

Vista Vapors – What’s your favorite menthol from there??

I started vaping just two weeks ago after about 15 years of smoking Parliament menthol lights and at first I wanted something that really emulated that flavor but now I’m quite fond of menthol juices with just a slight tad of mint or sweetness on the end of it. I think my favorites so far are mount baker vapors extreme ice and halo’s sub zero(though sub zero is a little too strong for me: wish I could turn it down two notches and it would be perfect).

Anyway I have a coupon for Vista vapors and they have so many menthol flavors I would really like to try one. I actually already tried the menthol crush from them and I didn’t like it. Just tasted bland and flavorless to me.

Has anyone here had more experience with their many menthol choices with some suggestions?


Hello everyone.

I bought a cheap ego-type starter kit where I buy cigarettes two weeks ago. I haven’t quite quit yet, but I’ve never still had three full packs left two weeks after buying a carton! It was the reduced price one from my stamp card and I promised myself it would be the last carton I would buy. I’ve been reading so much in this forum, I figured I’d jump in.

I like my kit, but I think I need another battery. It always conks out when I need a fix and then I grab the smokes. (Plus I now fully understand the concept of spares.) Should I…..?

a) go back to the smoke shop and spend another $20

b) go to the B&M tomorrow that’s just down the road and says they have an Innokin Itaste VV 3.0 on sale this week for $34

c) some other option I’m not considering.

I’m gonna buy something tomorrow. Is it too soon to make that kind of investment? I’m really enjoying the vaping and found a juice I really like today at the shop across the street. I’m just not too impressed with their hardware or their customer service.

Any thoughts?

About to Start

I’m about to start on <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/DIY-eliquid_c_42.html”>diy so I wanted to say hello.

I picked up a mini freezer today. I’ve got some 100mg nicotine, VG, and a bunch of bottles and mixing gear. My first sample pack of flavorings is due tomorrow. I’m planning to get started this weekend.

The first item on my list is to transfer the nic from the plastic bottles it arrived in, to smaller glass bottles. That’s a little scary so I’ve spent a bunch of time reading here and planning how to do it safely. Stocked up on gloves and goggles. I picked up a large 6" deep plastic container from Lowes to work in. My theory is that if I do spill anything it will stay in the container.

Someone here suggested putting the nic in 60ml glass bottles, then dilute one bottle at a time down to the concentration you intend to use and put it in large glass bottles, so I’m going to do that.

Then I’ll start by mixing some small bottles with a single flavor, just to get familiar with the process. Not much choice since I only have 5 small sample bottles of flavoring. After that I’ll be round to bug you guys for recipes.

My State is currently considering legislation that might make premixed juice unobtainable. They are looking at an expensive and outrageously onerous licensing process for any vendor wanting to sell it in Indiana, whether they are based in or out of the State. The proposed cost is $5000 a year. How many small vendors in CA would be willing to pay $5000 a year and jump through hoops for the privilege of selling in Indiana. And of course a 24% tax on top so they would need to set up tax processing for Indiana sales. What would we do without politicians to keep us safe.

Sometime soon I’ll be picking up more nic. I calculated my little freezer will hold enough to last the rest of my life, for less than the cost of the freezer. They haven’t mentioned banning nicotine sales, but probably just because it hasn’t crossed their minds yet.