E-cigarette sales rise in S. Korea after tobacco price hike

Ecigarette sales rise in S. Korea after tobacco price hike
Nicotine patches and other products designed to help reduce the cravings for cigarettes are another beneficiary of the price hike. sales of e-cigarettes continue to rise despite warnings from health authorities early this month that liquefied nicotine …
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Proposed bill would tax, include ecigarettes in smoking ban
It would require places that sell e-cigarettes to be licensed, like tobacco shops are now. Zoeller said that would give the state more authority to enforce the law. The bill would also tax e-cigs like tobacco products, which is 24 percent of what the …
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Zig Zag Traditional Flavor

It’s very true that tastes are subjective. The most satisfying tabacco flavor I have found is the Zig Zag Traditional flavor. I don’t know what the story with it is but it is pretty hard to find locally. So I am looking for an alternative that is very close to the same flavor. It has a note of Virginia Tabacco but it is at least slightly different than any other tabacco flavor I have tried. I have had Backwoods Brew Virginia and it is good but it doesn’t hit that "just smoked a cigarette" part of my brain like the Zig Zag Traditional flavor does. Does anyone have any suggestions? Are any of the V2 flavors similar to this? I know V2 distributes the zig zag brand liquid. Thanks!