Question about RBA


I am new to vaporing and have just made the decision in what battery to get (thanks for the help).
Now I have trouble getting my first atomizer….

From my past experience, I know that I will try RBA in the future (I have already built an electronic guitar and have craved a pipe….).

Although I will try RBA, I need something to start vaporing now.
Will either Aspire Nautilus/Atlantis (mini or regular) and Kanger Aerotank/Subtank (mini or regular) fit my need (can be used right out of the box and be rebuilt in the future)?
Or, is there any other atomizer I can choose?

Since cost is something that I concern, will using RBA cost less than using normal atomizer in a long run?


Need some help

Dudes, I need some help. So I talked to the dude from ezvaper or whatever, doesn’t matter anymore, and I’m getting my refund for the Apollo. So, can you suggest any reputable online vendors where I can get a white Fu Apollo mod clone? And preferably a copper plume veil 1.5?

Newbie here with question on plume veil and orchid…

Greetings everyone

Beginner with vape here. Been vaping for a month now with my K101 mechanical mod with a ce5 clearomizer.
A friend of mine ( his dad, actually ) receive a gift last christmas , it is a plume veil 1.5 atomizer and a orchid v4 atomizer. Neither my friend or his dad, smokes nor vape and my friend decided to give it to me instead since he knew that I’m switching over to vape from the regular cigarettes.

I intend to use them on my K101 mod running on a 2600mah 3.7v efest 18650 battery
My question now are as follows.

1. Is is possible to create a single coil build on both the Plume veil and Orchid atomizer?
( I have basic understanding of resistance since I learned how to build my ce5 atomizer and normally aims for 2.2 to 2.5 ohms ,just completely unsure though if same rules apply with the plume veil and the orchid)

2. What is the SAFE level of resistance (single coil and for dual coil) if I am to use both this atomizer with my K101 mod?

3. What is the recommended gauge of kanthal to use on these two atomizers and how many coils does it takes to get 2.4 ohms

4. If I were to create a dual coil build, do I add up the resistance of the first coil and the resistance of the second coil in order to get the total amount of resistance?
For example, If i use a multimeter on the positive and the negative of 1st coil, then do the same on the positive and negative of the second coil then add them up?
Or do you test the total resistance by the same way you test the ce5, on which you put the positive of the mutimeter on the center of the atomizer thread then the negative on the side of the thread?

5. Can I use regular cotton balls for this atomizers?

I would definitely appreciate your answers and I also apologize for my long questions, just wish to learn on how to use this atomizers since it would save me money compared to buying them.

Thank you so much guys

Want a VW device but not a box, suggestions?

So I have tried my hand at mech mods, not really my thing, and I have a handful of different APVs (provaris, vamos and a segelie 100), but as I am an addict and like shiny toys, I wanted to get another VW device that goes to at least 30 watts, something like my vamo 7, but with a better build quility. But i’m also not looking for another box mod, I’m kind out of idea’s, seen a few online, but I don’t trust website reviews…. Any suggestions would be awesome!

Dyanne’s take on Nicoticket – YUMMMMMMMMY

Well today is Wednesday, I received my first order on Monday containing, Virus, Wakonda, ACB and Strawnilla. The first to go in the tank was…
Virus- Wow what can I say, I am still not sure how to describe it but it is heaven! It does give me satisfaction of the light tobacco smokey type flavour with coffee and vanilla and perhaps syrup (when I first vaped it I thought the syrup was stronger but after a few hours that went away) I think the reason for this was my harsh bitter nutty oily flavour tobacco type vape I was using while frantically pacing for the mail man the last week or so hahaha. I was worried it would be too sweet to vape all day but my taste buds adjusted very quickly and I no longer find this too sweet at all, its just perfect!!
Waconda- oh my!! this could easily become a daily staple as well as virus its just magic, again not sure how I will describe this one but also gives me a smokey satisfaction of a very mild sweet and subtle tobacco I also taste a hint of coffee and vanilla not sure what else but is perfect I never want to run out of this!!
ACB – WOW, JUST WOW!!! this will easily be most of the day vape, I think virus in the morning with my morning coffee, ACB rest of the day and then Waconda in the evening. ACB is just light and sweet, again I detect a lovely light tobacco sensation which gives me the satisfaction of having a smoke without having one and to me that is going to keep me easily on the straight and narrow! I think ACB will also keep me away from naughty sweet snacks so… THANK YOU SO MUCH NICOTICKET!!
Strawnilla – I like it, but I don’t love it. As I mentioned in other posts the only reason is I prefer my fruit vapes to be tangy and fruity and not creamy and sweet, having said that if I had read about it more I probably would have realised this would be more of a sweet like strawberry/vanilla icing then tangy LOL so this was my bad. It is by no means going to go to waste, if I find myself not vaping it much I will stash it for my mum when she visits next and see if she likes it when and if she becomes interested in trying vaping.

PS I hope I didn’t ramble too much! Thank you Nicoticket and all the <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF members who continually advocated for this product which led me here early in my All Day vape juice hunt!:vapor:

Im new!! I dont know what to do!!! lol

Hello everybody,

Im new to the forum as well as 2 months new to vaping. So at this stage I am totally hooked on finding the best flavor. Currently Im using an aspire CFVV with a Kangertech EVOD2 tank, Which is working great right now. I have found a few flavors from a local vape lounge that are really good, and one flavor from central vapors that is actually better than most of the flavors at my local vape shop. But…. Its not enough., I need Bigger and better. I am all about fruity and candy flavors.
All I need is to pointed in the right direction, any and all comments are welcome. 🙂

Thanks in advance

Equipment puzzle on to e juice puzzle

While still reading and learning about volts watt amps and ohms, regulated mods to mech mods … I am now processing ideas for e juice … (yeup, it maybe ADD but at my age, call me a restless soul).

I have successfully made non flavoured e juice using boiled water VG mix 10/80.
Nice puffs and on fresh EVOD batteries, maybe a cloud or two.
But without the TH, the experience is not complete.

Any ideas on flavouring?
I bought bottles of premium Coffee extract and a Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla extract from the confectioners resource shop.
Mixed a few drops into the VG mix.
Tasted like crap. (Not that I’ve vaped "it" b4 but if I did, I think it would tasted just like what I concocted).

Anwayz, anyone tried cooking their own?
I read somewhere that spices and coffee grinds etc double boiled in PG in a glass jar and steeping is a possibility.
Anyone tried this with VG?