Newbie Dropping In!

Hello vapers! I’m a newbie here just trying to figure out my way around posting here. I had my last stinky analog on Black Friday and have been in Vapor Heaven ever since. Though there was a bit of a transition initially, (mostly equipment issues and vaping technique and PG issues) after 40+ years of 2 PAD, I found the entire switch from smoking to vaping to be remarkably painless….. almost too easy; hah! Sometimes, I’ll still get the occasional thought of something like "Where’s my ashtray or my lighter?," but then quickly remember I am now a non-smoker and don’t need all that crap.:-) I have happily settled in with a few Spinners, some Aspire and Kanger glassomizers and a LOT of juice. Lots of juice,LOL, though I think I’ve finally found my vendor and my favorite juices. Now perhaps, I can finally stop spending so much and enjoy my new, much healthier obsession.

For all the seasoned pros here, you advice has been key in my transition and I wish to thank each and every one of you! I’ve been glued to these boards for the last seven weeks and couldn’t have made it without all the knowledge freely shared here.

Real quick…

So I’ve been vaping for 8 months and for the last month or so im having alot of coughing, sore throat, phlegm.. Not very pleasant stuff and im wondering if anyone is experiencing anything similar.

To date I have switched juice (50/50 mix @12mg nic) no change.. Lowered nic to 6mg, no change.. Switched to a lower pg then to zero pg, no change.. I am attempting to change my delivery system as I have a mech/mod on order and am gonna try dripping..

I am really at a loss here. I am staying hydrated and every day vaping less and less due to the discomfort. I do lung inhale because thats the only way i know how to do it.

Just dripped

My first drop!!!!
Holy Crap!!!!
Wrapped up my first ever coil at 0.7 in a $20 tobeco magma on a zna50 which I also got as well as a lemo.
Took my first toot of mother’s milk at 6mg as well. I think I might be buzzing a bit lol.
Wow man talk about flavor country :p
I get it now, thanks for stopping the bus lol

what settings would I have to use with titanium wire in comparison to nickel???

I have been using nickel for a few weeks now and I HATE it, hate working with it, hate adjusting it, hate having to retighten my posts and have heard good things about titanium, anyone have any idea’s on how I would set my temp settings??? I read somewhere that you would have to set them to half of what you do with nickel…anyone have supporting or constructive input???

Need help on coil build

Hi guys I recently bought a authentic copper penny mod and I have the dark horse rda sitting on top of it and inside of the rda I have a dual coil 24 gauge kanthal build with 10 wraps on each coil and it’s still getting way to hot anybody know of a better build for this setup? I’m also sitting at .28 ohms