MLK Day Sale!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Dr. King once said, "Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’"

Each year, Americans across the country answer that question by coming together on MLK Day to serve their neighbors and communities.

In Honor of this Gotvapes offers this discount code to Help our fellow vapors afford some of the vape gear that they would like to have. Please use the discount code: mlk2015 for 12% off everything in the store. Also, your VIP, Super VIP and Military Discounts will stack on this giving you up to 27% off of your orders depending on your VIP level. The code will be good from Friday night midnight CST to Tuesday night midnight CST. Have a woderful and safe Holiday!

From Daniel and Woody!

Raz Cup

Is absolutely amazing, right out of the bottle. I’ve almost polished off my 30ml bottle in a little over a week.

Ordering more right now. Thanks for this offering. This one hits a sweet spot with my taste buds. How is it steeped? This bottle won’t last to try.

Best RBA for sub ohm?

I’ve been into RDAs for a minute. But sometimes it can be a hassle to re drip when I’m doing something. However I’ve gotten into sub ohming as well. What would be the best RBA tank for sub ohm builds? I’ve thought about just getting the atlantis, but man I just enjoy building way too much. And if possible would like to be able to go below .5. I don’t HAVE to, it’s just I don’t like having a limit like that. But if I have to, that’s fine. This is just for something for longer car rides or playing video games, etc. If it helps I’m more of cloud chaser rather than flavor chaser. I use a regulated sigelei 150w mod.

Thanks! Long time reader first time poster…

Battery Charger Progression???

With the recent surge of vape progression (rta’s,box mods, etc) which battery charger is still top notch for all vape batteries? Is it still the nitecores? The only progression i’ve seen is a display multimeter, but it still doesn’t charge any faster then its predecessor. So whats the fastest and most reliable battery charger now a days? And why hasn’t there been a progression on battery charging on high end batteries, unlike cell phone chargers? Like to hear your opinoins…

This stuff can be dangerous! (a cautionary tale)

So my boyfriend tried refilling my vape. I always tell him how things should be done, but him, being a man, doesn’t listen well. He spilled a couple drops on the table, and apparently thought since it smelled sweet and tasty, it must be okay to wipe up with his finger and lick it off. I told him "This stuff can be dangerous, don’t put it in your mouth, go wash your hands." So obviously, he licks his fingers. He said it was indeed tasty. A few seconds later, he says he’s getting lightheaded, and I s**t you not, he starts giggling. Then after a couple minutes, he says his stomach hurts and he feels sick. He complained about it for about 30 minutes, but he’s sleeping now. At least, I think he’s sleeping, I hope his heart didn’t explode. Happy Vaping!

Drinkin for 11, that’s just what I do

Anyone else indulging tonight?
I’m a bottle in… Got my smpl clone with zenith clone from angel cigs with a bottle of bodens mate and a glass of carnoustie (Ben hogan edition from veris in paso robles)
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