BVC rebuild

Sorry if this has been asked but a question…I’ve watched bvc video builds and if one has concerns about the ceramic material in the original build will it be taken care of with cotton? I would rather no ceramic filler be left in the build. Not wanting to start arguments over the ceramic stuff just not my preference though it does taste good. I’d like to keep my mini as a backup to my lemo. Thanks

Few questions about iPV Mini

So I just got an iPV mini, as soon as I started using it I noticed some things about it that I haven’t seen on other batteries that have an LED screen. This is also my first iPV product. So my questions.

1. I see there is two options for power; PWM and DC-DC. I would like to know the difference between the two and which is better?

2. I notice sometimes the LED screen doesn’t fully shut off, it goes into dim mode. Is this going to cause my battery to drain faster and if so how do I make it so it does not go dim and just always shuts off completely?

3. I noticed when I fire the battery the battery meter crashes way low. Is this normal? And is when I’m firing it the true battery level or is when it’s standby is the true level?

4. Last question, the store I bought it from said that you can connect it to a computer to download a new firmware if the come out with a new one. Is this true? If so how do I do that?

Thanks guys!