Tank question any one know any good quality clones that work like the real deal

I know it’s not cool to buy clones but I can’t help it I’m in detroit and man I man they are every were gas stations every smoke shop in detroit all over downriver everywhere I can’t help it I love the pro tank don’t know why would a clone be just as good of quality ps the clones around here eaven say kanger on them but the shop keeps will say they are clones

forget the Clapton, back to a standard build

I liked the clapton build, but it wasn’t a long enough coil in my opinion. It did enhance flavor, but not as much as just building a dual coil did….I just built a new dual vertical coil and it hits great, but I need to drill a second intake hole on this RDA cap. <a href="http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/attachments/coil-builds/404133d1421296520-forget-clapton-back-standard-build-img_20150114_232506.jpg” rel=”Lightbox_0″><img src="http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/attachments/coil-builds/404133d1421296520t-forget-clapton-back-standard-build-img_20150114_232506.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”Click image for larger version. 

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testing out e-juice without committing it to a tank?

Hey all! Semi-new vaper here (still learning as i go! – this rabbit hole is deeeeeep)

I kind of went on a juice binge and bought several different flavors the other day. However, I only have one Aspire Atlantis and two Kanger Protank 2 Minis… I’ve been putting a little bit in the mini tanks to try them out but I know I’m stacking flavors on top of each other and probably shortening the coil life at the same time.

What’s the best way to test out different e-juices without having to commit it to a tank just yet? I’ve done so much reading over the past few nights that I’m starting to get burnt out with all the terminology. Is an atomizer the way to go? Drip a few drops into it and give it a few puffs and then drip again? Can anyone recommend a good atomizer to be looking at? If it helps any, I have an Aspire CF SubOhm and an Eleaf iStick 20w as my batteries.

Any saved links you can paste below are also appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

1 week & 3 days cigarette free and loving it!

New to rebuilding

Hi all

I want to take a shot at rebuilding my coils. I have a Kanger Genitank and a bunch of used (newer style) coils.

I’ve researched rebuilding and watched every YouTube demo I could find.

I want to experiment with the vaping experience between 1.5 – 2.2 ohm coils and single vs double coils.

The one thing I’m not sure of is what gage Kanthal to get to accomplish my above goals.

Would love to hear thoughts on what gage to start with and advantages/disadvantages of the different gage’s.

Smoke flavored juice?

My dad won’t vape unless there is a juice that tastes like you’re smoking a menthol cigarette. I have been on there search and have tried all kinds of tobacco and "cigarette" flavored juices but none of them taste like you’re smoking a menthol cigarette. He has tried all my juices and hates them all so anything other than smoke flavor is out of the question. I need recommendations, I just can’t find this on my own; Is there a juice out there that tastes like you’re smoking a menthol cigarette??? Please and thank you.

coughing every time i vape.

Not sure what is happening pretty new to vaping but have been a huge long term smoker even smoked cigars like cigarettes no problem but as soon as I try to inhale on my LavaTube 2.5 with the nautilus. My throat tickles like no other and I cough for a good 2 minutes kind of counter productive :p the cape does taste a little muted as well not burnt but like I feel it should be a lot more tastier I am vaping unicorns milk.

My first APV. Vision spinner 2 / nautilus. FLOODING. what amakes I doing wrong!?

Ok. 3 weeks ago, I bought a vision spinner and a aspire nautilus. Got it home, assembled, filled with durasmoke champagne.
Day 1, I didn’t even realize there was air intake holes in the nautilus. I had the hole blocked. Besides Uber hard hits, it never missed a beat. Discovered the holes, then the vape became easy, and LOVED this thing.
Day 2 and 3, not a problem. Big hole, little hole, mainly second smallest. 3.3V, 4.8V, didn’t matter. Thing performed flawlessly. Ran the tank DRY. Only when the juice was barely covering the bottom plastic gasket did it start to gurgle….oops.
Next day, refilled with a candy cane durasmoke. Flooded once or twice, lots of vapor though, didn’t think anything of it. At the end of the week, it started to flood alot. I replaced the atty. Flooded immediately.
Checked the tank / too cap. Tight, no cracks. Tried another juice, (all 50/50 vg/pg), still flodds constantly.
(Btw, my replacement attys are the bvc coils) . Replaced new attys with old one. Still floods.
all orings in place. Sometimes the atty does stay in the chimney on disassembly though.
Mainly now it is flooded when I first pick it up (laying down or standing atty up). After a good hard pull or 2, it clears up. I can draw as hard as I want – suck my cheeks in – and it’s fine. I can super light draw on it too, but the performance doesn’t change.
If the tank gets below half, it starts to flood all the time. I can hold it vertical at all times, even drawing on it, and it will flood.
air hole setting does not affect performance at all.

What rookie mistake am I making.

Hybrid Genesis

I beg you – PLEASE, before you go, could you make a run of them?

I would be willing to pay a solid amount of the setup costs to defray expenses, with no strings attached to the product.

I am under no illusions as to the cost, its not going to be in the hundreds.

I truly hope that you take this seriously, at least enough to PM me to give me an idea of what it would take to make it worth it to you.

I am putting this here instead of emailing or PM‘ing you in hopes that others would treat this like a petition, for one last hurrah of the best mod made.

I also hope that this doesn’t come across wrong, and that others in the Super T family like both the idea, and Genesis attys enough :/

I also know that I have not been active on this forum, so I hope that fact doesn’t count against my percieved sincerity.

Regardless of the outcome, thank you for your mods and effort.

You have made vaping better for so many of us