Hello everyone – by: iphenix vapor

By surfing on Google​​,I​​’m so glad to find and join the professional vapor forum​​,for us heavy smokers who are accustomed to tobacco cigarette and always troubled by the harmful to ourselves and others​​,it is too difficult to perfectly quit smoking​​,it seems that we have no choice but to switch electronic cigarette.

However​​,there are news confused and electronic cigarette company flooded around the world​​,including vapor manufacturer and wholesaler​​,disappointingly​​,too many of which are survived by development and production of inferior products​​,there is no doubt that these products bring worse effect on our smoker’s health than what brought by the tobacco cigarette, these companies is definitely seriously disrupting the reputation of electronic cigarettes, I just would like to know how to identify and use the electronic cigarette, hope you can propose valuable reference​,thank you very much!