3 Years!

Today marks three years since I put down that stinking nail, walked over to a head shop and purchased a disposable e-cig.
I’ve since been the brief owner of a janty stick, a lava tube, numerous cartos, tanks, then rather quickly found my reo on the classies.
I beautiful black anodized grand with gold, silver and green doors!

I’ve used 510 atty‘s from every-maker, 306’s from every "best" manufacture, even the vaunted HH357. I tried A7 rebuildables, the Reomizer,hated rebuildables went back to my loved bauway 306’s and all the while never smoking another cigarette. I found a darling little birds eye maple mini woodvil on the classies to celebrate my 1st vapeaversary. I bought a gold anodized 18490 on the classies, The RM2 was released and Holly guacamole! it was mind blowing. I had vapor pouring from every crevice of my being!! I was a coiling fool. I watched the last run of woodvils from inception to delivery and finally purchased my first new Reo from reosmods.com to celebrate my 2nd vapeaversary.

I moved to stinking swamp land and left all my mods behind except for that old beat up black anodized grand that was still kicking like the day I received it. I cried cause I missed my family soo much back in Atlanta and was crushed seeing all the posts of new woodvil owners in the brag thread, knowing my brand new sweet … Black Palm mod was at home in Atlanta in a drawer, unused, unloved….did I break down and buy a pack of cowboy killers?? Hell know! I vaped that black grand like the doors were falling off the burning church. At my moment of desperation for that which I love Woodvil, Dennis sent me a pick me up…A curly oak woodvil from that last sale!!! What a gift! I was sheeting in tall cotton. Out in the construction field, tooting away on vaping’s masterpiece! A construction worker and his Woodvil, in the slop, in the heat, on top of 12ft concrete forms, down in 20ft excavations. Toot Toot. I was the x-factor. Surrounded by surly, 3pack a day, trilobites I stood alone, smoke free. And when that day came, and it did come, I watched in horror as my curly oak woodvil slipped from my safety vest pocket and down 12 ft into a column form down to the seal slab. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Did I throw in the towel and ask for a smoke? No, I got some duct tape and a bunch of chamfer strips and fished that baby out. and you know what, It vaped just fine 😀 hahaha. barely a scratch,

I asked Rob to drill me some holes in a grand and bam! he gifted me the very first SL protoype! I had a beast ready for the field, tumbled raw aluminum, drilled out and gold plated!

Rob and Dennis you guys saved me from insanity in a time of very real despair. Reovillians you all saved me from myself and a life of condemned smoking.

In these years the two constants that have worked for me living a cigarette free life are Reos and Reoville. I have stepped away from <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF for awhile working hard at living life on life’s terms. But I want to thank each and everyone of you wonderful people for three fantastic years without a smoke!

I couldn’t have done it without YOU!!
Miss you guys and gals, Love you guys and gals!


Silver plating your removable contact pins

I’ve been looking into this to improve the conductivity of my mod that doesn’t have silver plated contacts. First I took it out and carefully put it in the chuck of a drill and hammered away on a bar of .999 silver. Didn’t really see much results, so I tried hitting it with a butane torch for about 15 seconds and tried it some more, really giving it all that seemed sane. It looks slightly silverish now, not like the fine stuff but it also does seem to get the current to the coil a little quicker. I also saw this video, anyone ever try this stuff??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OzblOt0f5c

Getting Started – Suggestions?

Hey all,
Trying to get into <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/DIY-eliquid_c_42.html”>diy juice. I recently bought some measuring equipment, some base liquid and just a couple flavorings from OOO. Would like some suggestions on moving forward. Here are some questions i have…

-What can i do to make exceptionally smooth juice? (No throat hit @6mg)
-Are there any options out there to get a sample kit with lots of different flavorings to try?
-Are there any essential tools or flavorings/enhancers that i should always have on my desk?

Thanks in advance.

What is going on?

I have no clue why but my last 3 or so coils have been just burning through my cotton every day. I haven’t increased my vapeing at all, and though my current set up is a .3 vs a .4 that I normally do, it turns out like this after just a few hours. <a href="http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/attachments/general-vaping-discussion/403645d1421122757-what-going-14211227077881842304604.jpg” title=”Name: 14211227077881842304604.jpg
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as you can see, it’s still got juice but always taste burnt and this was just a few hours on fresh cotton
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Need help with Alantis!!! =(

Hey guys!

I’m having a lot of issues with the Atlantis. I got this 3 days ago and its been performing inconsistently. I’ve been googling my issue for 2 days now and found no answers. I was hoping maybe someone can help me out.

Day 1 – I had filled the Atlantis up with Cereal Killa and forgot to prime it (2 red flags, I know. Learned my lesson the hard way). I changed the coil and replaced the juice with a lower VG (Cosmic Fog’s Milk and Honey).

Day 2 – I noticed the Atlantis was spitting up A LOT. At first I thought it was the vapor that had the sweet taste but then realized it was just WAAAY too sweet to be vapor. Had a mouth full of vapor every time I puffed on it (even at 30 watts, had some dry hits so I went back down to 25-27 watts). Starting taking the Atlantis apart (with juice in it) and tried patting everything I can down to make it less saturated but still no luck.

Day 3 (today) – I decided to switch the drip tip on my Atlantis to Nautilus drip tip. The spitting was less noticeable but still there and on top of that, I’m getting dry hits when I take long draws. I do not chain vape on this. I take 1 puff every few minutes. Its just mind boggling how the Atlantis can be gurgling/spitting and still give me dry hits. I am using the ipv2s with the Atlantis and I noticed today that my box mod read .8 ohms. I am using the .5 ohm it came with. I don’t vape below 20 watts or over 30 watts. Is this normal? I changed the juice once again to Ben Jonson’s Snickelfritz because the Milk and Honey juice was just too sweet.

Can anyone help me with this? The dry hits are just BAD today and my throat is starting to hurt. I read so many good things about this tank and I really don’t want to use a dripper since my knowledge of box mod vaping is limited (I know enough to not get myself hurt. I am not pushing my setup).

If this helps, I tried adjusting the airflow as well. I kept it at the largest setting. I tried them all and the smallest setting gave me the worst dry hits.

Cheep trick I came up with e cig holder and organizer tray

Hi everyone just wanted to share something I stopped at a smokers shop bought a cigar box a big one the lid broke off so I only paid a dollar for it threw lid out only used bottom of it to keep my vapeing stuff in kinda like a chair side tray took a piece of pipe insulation the foam kind that has a slit in it the thick kind it’s commonly used to insulate pipes in a basement it’s basically a foam tube I cut off three inches of it and glued it to the corner of my tray using gorilla glue because it’s a wood tray and foam tube now I have a cheep cheep organizer tray with a holder I can easily drop my e cig just figured I’d share the idea it beats trying to set it on table and having it fall right have a good day everyone