vamo issues

Okay so I just got the new vamo v2 and I’m having some problems with it first off the two batteries are 18 350’s, and they say 3.7 volts. i let them initially charge for a while because usually you’re supposed to let batteries initially charge for a bit longer than usual charging .after about 2 hours the red light on the charger was still red, so I started looking up some stuff to find out why they were charging so long. I came across a bunch of results saying they’re only supposed to charge for like an hour, about thattime I got worried and I took them off the charger and began to put them in my vam o v2. I used it special function to test the battery voltage, and instead of it being 3.7 ike how it said ithe batteries max was supposed to be on my family rea. Now every hit that I take off of every single clearomizer that I tried it on so far she’s about 5 different kinds the taste of it is just been absolutely horrible. It tastes like a burnt wick but even worse than that by a lot. I’m vaping off of the lowest amount of volts and Watts this thing is capable of and it still tastes that way can anyone please help me find out why this is happening and how to fix it. Thank you in any respeatly appreciated

New Vendor, any experience?

Hi Everyone,

I have been vaping for two years now! With little time or just lack of motivation, I was looking into buying bulk unflavored e liquid base and came across What a great price for premixed base with so many options! I gallon of premixed 12mg base for 49.99, shipping and tax would still equal a deal. Anyone have any experience with these guys? Thanks :):):tongue:

Fasttech Orchid v6 Clone

I ordered one of these a little while back and it showed up today and I am quite impressed. I can not find the *real* orchid v6 so I don’t know if it is actually a clone. It can not use kayfun parts as it is a new design. It is very similar to the Billow in performance and design but I have NO LEAKING. Not the most awesome thing ever but it is certainly worth the $11.

Dual coil
Excellent Airflow
Easy to build
Glass tank
and only $11

Mountain Oak Vapors: eLiquid Discussion

<a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Creme De La Crema. Available only at Mountain Oak Vapors

While I highly doubt there isn’t a thread for MOV in the General Eliquid Discussion, I was surprised to not see one in the first 10 pages of this forum. So I am putting this here so those interested and currently using MOV can have a place to discuss all that this vendor has to offer.

Right now I am vaping their Capone: Blueberry Torte, from their Creme De La Crema series. Oh, and they provide test results for all of their flavors to show they are free of diketones (diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, etc).

And it’s hello from me..

Howdy lads and lasses,

long time vaper/short time forum activist here. Been vaping near three years now and ran the gamut of kits and all things shiny . Recently been on a sub ohm and high voltage escapade but tbh not impressed by either, although I do like the fact that I don’t have to mess around building coils to EXACTLY theb1ohm mark and I have a bit of leeway now with the boxes.

mix my own, build my own and am still somewhat of a magpie, but if I didn’t buy shiny things then I would just waste my money on food for the kids or rent money or some other frivolity.

skulked and stalked forums for a while now but as I am a fully happy high level sociopath ( so the wife says but I just ignore her) never felt a calling to join in…… Till the doctors told me for the good of my health I had to interact with real people and not just those who live in my Xbox…

so here I am – in the cyber flesh so to speak. I’m all yours… Except when I’m not…



New here. Just saying hello. I figured I would register since I have been referring to this forum often for reviews. I am fairly new to vaping and I already have a ridiculous collection of juices and equipment. I’m only 5 cigs a day away from quitting 🙂

MVP 20 Watt

I have had this model the MVP 20 W for a week now and have a few thoughts I wanna share. first off this is a power upgrade for me I had the MVP 2.0 but it had ego threads not 510 so this got in the way of the vaping I really wanted to do. I wanted a mod that I could do RDA builds on it and a mod thats good for tanks I have some cheap ones , a pro tank mini 3 and they work well . I picked up an Aspire nautilus this things is great , good vapor production excellent flavor and just looks damn cool on the MVP 20 W. I have two RDA’s a Doge Compition I bought it by mistake its a prime cloud producer Im not into clouds I’m into flavor. I just got in the mail the Magma RDA this thing rocks big time it give ample vapor on the middle hole setting and huge amounts of flavor . I drip /use ruthless, ec blends and a generic company I have no clue where they are from. Back to the 20 W it handles everything I put to it . the tanks have plenty wattage, the cheap tanks are good but when it comes to RDA’s and its probably my builds but i had a 1.3 ohm build double coil on it and it took a bit to heat it up on 20 watts I took off a coil and had a 2.5 ohm build and it chucked vapor all day. and the flavor got mad good double the ohms and it performed awesome at 15 watts. I was undercharged a bit so this could be it . I love the fit and finish of this thing I dropped the MVP 2.0 in the street i got run over for an hour at rush hour and still worked I assume this one is built the same its just a simple device with out all the compacted menus others have i put in the wattage and I vape its that simple and its small it fits my hand perfectly and i can put it in a large pocket or my secret pocket on my jackets with ease. I never thought I would use the chargeing function I was 2 hours from home and I had to use the MVP20W to charge my cell phone it worked great and I had all day left to vape so cool. i believe this is the mod I will keep and use till it dies someday if you are considering one go for it i gout mine for 38 bucks and its well worth it as I learn to build coils I’m sure this thing will produce the electricity i need for all my builds . I was thinking of a 100 war box mod but then I figured why I dont use any higher than 15 watts so far with success. happy vaping Remi love.

Protank 3 Issues, help me like this tank!!

So I recently got myself a shiny new Protank 3 with high hopes for it. So far…very disappointed. I have had flooding issues every single time I change juices or even open it up. I’ve tried 100%vg, 80/20, tried adding a couple drops of distilled water to thin things down and it doesn’t seem to help. I tried the 2nd coil that came with it (both 2ohm) and while a little better, not much. Now tonight I go to try changing to a different juice (different brand I’ve had good luck with in the past), take it apart, give it a good clean, dry burn the coil a couple times after rinsing it, filled with juice, and reassembled. After taking it apart and reassembling a couple times to get it to stop leaking/gurgling, I got that problem solved. Now, it doesn’t seem to want to wick and produce much vape! Getting frustrated. I also got the adjustable airflow base with it which didn’t open it up as much as I would have hoped. I’m debating drilling out one or tow of the air holes to a size bigger bug first things first. Am I doing something wrong with this tank? Should I get some new coils? I’m at a loss! I’ve got a couple other Kanger tanks around and my friend has one as well and we have nothing but good luck with them, except this Protank 3. Any ideas guys?!