An rda with a auto feed reservoir/tank.???

Looking into the rebuildables but have yet to purchase one. Right now is the research phase trying to feel out the best mods and methods, etc. My first question to be answered is the title of my post. A RDA with a reservoir. Something I can load up with 10 ml and continuously vape. No stopping to drip. Surely it exists. How many hits can be drawn from say 10 drops from a single coil build running at 1.7 ohms? Basically I want to know how many hits can be given from a drip type system. If its a lot I don’t necessarily need a tank on an rda. Also do <a href="”>diy flavors hold up well on the rebuildables at high wattages? So many questions, and just as many answers. If have an idea on what I am looking for please give me the name of said rda system so I can look-up it’s review on youtube.


Root Beer Cream Float

I have yet to let this mix steep, but I was so pleased with the initial shake and vape taste, I had to share.

80/20 VG/PG

8-10mg strength

9% – TPA Root Beer
4% – CAP French Vanilla V2
2% – TPA Sweet Cream
1% – TPA Cola Syrup
1% – TPA Sweetener

I prefer this mix with a higher nic level than I typically vape. The nicotine gives it that little extra throat hit, and sort of replicates the fizz and bite that root beer has. I’m typically a 6mg guy, but I like this at 8-10mg. I may even add a bit more nic actually.

New Liquid – Snowflake

I just created a liquid I’m calling snowflake. Actually, it’s been in the making for weeks. Why Snowflake? Well, because just like there are no 2 identical snowflakes, I will never be able to reproduce it.

It started with some Mother’s Milk and Unicorn Milk…about 1.5 ml each. As I use tanks and NEVER fill less than a full tank, once I get to the bottom where there’s less than a tank full in the bottle, that’s it. So I mixed the two and it went on the shelf. Then I just started adding to it. Here’s what went in it…sounds nasty I know. These range from 1ml to .5 ml each.

Orbital Bear by Planet Vapor. Tastes a lot like Sugar Bear from Cuttwood
Pluto by Planet Vapor – melon/berry blend
Lava Ice by Va Va vape – hot cinnamon and menthol
A custard blend of mine
A Virginia blend of mine
juice made from Flavor West – Reindeer Poop

If I could recreate this I could sell it like mad. It’s so good it’s ridiculous.

Burning/leaking problems

I have 4-5 different liquid cartridges. Lately each one of them have been giving me a burning taste while trying to smoke cutwoods monster melon liquid. I would like to think this is a problem with the tanks, but I wouldn’t understand why it would happen to each of them unless it is a faulty liquid. (Too thick??) is it possible for the burning flavor to happen because of a battery that is no good anymore? It still charges and holds a decent charge but I’m not sure. Also I am very frustrated with my aspire bdc tank. It continues to leak every time I use it and I have already gone through 2 atomizers. Please help guys. I’m a rookie at these things…

Need help..!

Hi guys, i need some opions on what mod is the best for me. Right now i have a Kanger subtank i just bought and a istick that i’ve had for awhile. The only coils the istick will read are the 1.2 ohm coils. I need a mod that will fire those lower than 1 ohm coils. Would like to have a mod that has at least 30 watts and fires below a 1 ohm. Please leave opinions!!!


So my Pegasus got new magnets in it the other day. And it fired like a beast. My penny mod has a spring switch and fired like a beast. Both copper. I have 4 vtc5s that I rotate through. But today none of my vtcs want to fire. My nitecore d2 says they are all fully charged and they still won’t fire. There’s no short in my attys because I’ve used both my tug boat and my plume veil on my 26650 hades and they both fire. Any ideas?