new guy looking to say hello

id like to say that im new to making eliquid but have been following this forums since day one. just being able to read and follow peoples responses has been an excellent starting point. I mostly follow tfa threads because ive found them to be informative an have created several tasty recipes from follow BMV bills ideas.,…

Tesla rba

Was waiting for a Kayfun clone in the mail and instead received this gigantic thing called a TESLA, no info or anything but it came with 2 screwdrivers a clear tank and some o rings. Also some premade silica wrapped coils. Have searched everywhere on web and can’t find anything about it. Have already built a 1.3 ohm coil for ok, but leaky. Would like some others input. Don’t know for sure if this is the right forum for this, so apologies in advance if not. ANyone heard??

Aspire Spinner II’s

Hello new vapers.

I have a several of the Spinner II’s with tanks I no longer use.

If anyone new is lurking, trying to quit smoking cigarettes and you need some help. I would be more than willing to send you a Spinner II and tank, free. Some are still in unopened boxes, I bought a bunch of them at one time for a good price.

I’m not a spammer, I don’t sell anything related to vaporizers. Just willing to help a few people since I graduated to different advanced vaporizers.

Please just send me a PM with your contact info…I’ll even pay the postage within the continental US.

If you haven’t yet joined the forum, you’ll need to, for the ability to PM me.

Please, my offer is just for new vapers, who need a little help.


Help me with a wick issue please

First off, what am i working with?
Mutation x v2
Single clapton coil 32 wrapped around 26. 5 wraps reading .4 ohms
Issue: the first time i wicked this dude i was getting massive production. Used the wick for about 3 weeks then decided to change it. Now im getting aboit half production. See pics below. Can this be wicked better or woth a different method?

Menthol + sub-ohming?

Okay, so I’ve been making posts here and there, gathering information on a box mod + Aspire Atlantis purchase. However, I’ve simultaneously admitted to myself that no juices really do the trick for me except Halo SubZero. And my long vaping experience tells me that menthols work brilliantly at not-so-high wattages because they have the kick-you-in-the-throat effect built in to them already. I’m currently at around 11-12 watts all day, every day, running Aspire (non-Nautilus) BVC’s.

So, my question is… is sub-ohming with menthol a painful disaster? Or in other words, if I were to stick with SubZero as my only juice, would an Aspire and high wattage mod be a completely pointless purchase? Thanks! 🙂