My Introduction.

Whats going on guys, My names Bobby, 25yrs old, from Charlotte, NC. I stopped smoking and began vaping officially in 2013, but didn’t get into anything big until recently last year in 2014 thats when I actually went out and bought my first mod, and started getting into Cloud Chasing, honestly I still need lots n lots of work, and have many many questions, and I hope to learn new things from each and every one of you. I’ve done god knows how much research, but some things I still don’t quite understand which I hope I’ll see more in this forum as I do some more searching and etc.

Help with Kanger Subtank, and hello all!

Hi folks, Jax here. Not much of a blogger but in need of your wealth of knowledge. Just switched 1.2 head in new subtank and now my dna30 wont fire. It says check atomizer, although it was working fine till the head swap. My mini nautilus works in dna and subtank fires in several other mech mods. I tried 3 different new and the old head and still no love in dna30 so it has to be the tank. I unscrewed head and it was a bit wet in the base, not a great seal I think, but I dried it to no avail. The pin is not stuck, the negative threads both tank and dna30 are clean and dry but it just aint working. Any thoughts? Also, new battery in mod which again is working with my mini. Much thanks!!!!

How do you think about the Origen Genesis atozmier?

it a complex atomzier right ?
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Dharma Mechanical Mod

Anyone own the Dharma from Kidney Puncher?

<a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Dharma Mechanical mod – Kidney Puncher

The good, bad, and ugly? Price is reasonable, it is US made,but I have yet to see any reviews on it