adjust your cartomizer!

In experimenting with some SI Cartos i had used for a while.. I found I get better performance if I back out the carto contact about 1/16 of a turn. I hadn’t been tightening them too tight, but maybe the repeated counter-rotation of screwing the cartos onto the cigs (65mm) has driven them in a bit, requiring adjustment. I tried this on two carts tonight, and they hit hard now with a nice easy draw.

Cloupor T5 Delrin insulator and positive pin needed

I will spare the details, but I have 2 Cloupor T5s. One has a damaged chassis – dropped it and now it rattles but works – and one with a good chassis, but I fried the board. I successfully swapped the guts around to make one functioning unit, soldering everything together to make sure it worked before installing it in the chassis. As I was trying to unsolder the positive lead from the positive post, I inadvertently melted the delrin insulator. I removed the other one and, despite taking care NOT to melt it, I melted it; also managed to mangle both positive pins. So I am looking for:

  • Someone willing to donate (or sell) a delrin insulator and positive pin for a T5
  • Someone willing to doante (or sell) a non-functioning T5 for parts – must have insulator and positive pin in working order
  • Advice from anyone as to where I might be able to source replacement parts or parts that would work in a T5 (insulator & positive pin) I have no idea if they are standardized/generic parts available

Yes, I know the T5 is the Edsel of APVs, but I really loved mine and really want to resurrect it so please refrain from flaming on T5s. 🙂

Thanks for reading this, and thanks in advance for any help/advice.


new ejuice

My Mt Baker order arrived today not bad as I ordered it on the 30 December.I got green apple ,555e ,and maui sunrise 50/50 pg/vg. All 30 gm bottles and under Us $ 40 to NZ. maui is yum, citrusy 😀 .apple is nice:) and 555e is a bit strange :unsure: very strong mite take a bit of getting used to reminds me of golden syrup.This stuff is great makes more vapour and seems smoother on the throat too. next time il get some slightly higher vg lower pg and see what that’s like. Thanx for the heads up guys. Using an ego-T ecig

Just ordered a Flash E Vapor V3

Some of you may know that I’ve been on the hunt for an RTA for quite a while, and have thus far tried the Kayfun lite plus V2, the Erlkonigin, the Squape Reloaded and the Taifun GT2. Of all these, the Taifun GT2 came the closest, and it was sort of a sad day when I dropped it in the mailbox to the guy I just sold it to. I’m currently borrowing my buddies Kayfun 4 with the hybrid adapter for the P3, but I wanted to try something a little more unique before I fall in line with the masses and scoop up a Kayfun 4. Behold the Flash E vapor. I’m certainly skeptical about the functioning of it, but the reports of people running 0.2 ohms on the thing make it difficult for me to believe that I can possibly mess this thing up. I’m about to order some 50 mesh (yes I said 50) for the feeders, and have plenty of Koh Gen Do and Rayon laying around for everything else.

I’d like some feedback and advice on this thing, because this one seems to have a lot more variables that I can have full control over than other RTA’s. I’m rather excited and this thing should be showing up by Friday or so because its shipping from Germany via DHL. It’s a 23mm device like the Taifun GT2, which looked pretty nice on the P3