I’m a flavor chaser mostly and I’ve switched to high VG (70/30) at 3mg nic at .55ohms to get a healthier vape for about 3 months now. I’ve been seeing for some time now that the VG releases Formaldehyde in articles everywhere including FB. Does anyone know at what temperature or what ohms does it starts to do this? Is it a concern? Maybe I should go back to 50/50 at 1.5ohms? Fill me in my fellow vapers.

I need some advice on getting my first mod

Hi everyone! I need some advice, I have been vaping for around 4 years now and currently I am using the x6 Variable Voltage 1300mAh ego battery with an Aspire ET-S BDC Glassomizer, but I feel like it’s time for a change. I do not know anything about mods lol but everyone seems to love them so I want to give them a try! I am looking for a mod that would be a good step up from what I am using now, I also need it to be durable (I’ve been known to drop my e-cigs lol), I also like a lot of vapor and throat hit. I have been considering getting the Smok Aluminum ACE Variable Voltage/Wattage mod Device, has anyone tried this one? If so do you like it? Also it does not appear to come as a "starter kit" so I would need to purchase a battery and charger, so can any of you give me advice on which batteries and chargers work best? Thanks so much, I really appreciate any advice that I can get! :confused: