Saying hello!

Hello! (Yeah, I’m literal at times) So I’m just starting to get into the more complex areas of vaping. Started smoking at 16, quickly worked up to about a 2 pack a day habit. Stayed there for a lot of years, then switched to American Spirits and dropped to a bit over a pack a day for 9 years or so. This January I finally gave in to a friends prompting and bought my first ecig. It was a Joytech CC with a Joyetech vv battery, moved from that on to a Kanger mini-Protank II with a Kanger vv, then when the iStick came out jumped to that with a mini-Nautilus. Switching from cigarettes to vaping was painless and unbelieveably fast for me. I wasn’t actually trying to quit, but within two days I was off the cigs. I’m loving the vaping, and the money it saves me. Now I’m looking to move to a box mod and a dripping. Still trying to decide what box mod to get, but leaning really hard toward the Vapor Shark rDNA 40. No idea on the dripper yet though, one thing at a time. Came across this forum while looking for information, and decided to join due to the shear amount of it here. Looking forward to being a part of the community.

Do You Like Cig-A-Likes?

Hi all,

I was just wondering what everyone thought about cig-a-likes. Do you use them? Would you recommend them? I’m asking this because I’ve been browsing around these forums and everyone’s talking about all these fancy-named contraptions like the IBTanked Smoktech 2.0 Ohm single coil 2 hole punch or the *I’mCranked vapeTech Ver. 200.21 with quadruple coils and a 1-2 punch combo and I was just curious to know if anyone actually uses cig-a-likes anymore, as they don’t seem to be talked about a lot.

*This is not a real vaping device; I just made it up for comedic purposes.

Bad taste when start vaping

Hey guy! New vaper here just got my first vaporizer a couple weeks ago! Got a nautilus mini and vv battery. Here’s the question I have for all the experienced people here. Every time go to grab my rig I get a bad taste for the first few hits. Then it starts to taste fine. Have I done something wrong! I’m on my second coil. My first coil lasted a week before it started tasting burnt, luckily it came with a extra and I just picked a 5 pack of coils to keep me going. I love my vaporizer! I haven’t smoked a cigarette since I got it! So I’m stoked about that! Just confused why the first few puffs taste bad. Thanks for any info you guys have for me!


I’ve been using mostly kanger-coil based tanks my entire vaping carrier. What are some other tanks/clearos I can use? I feel like im not getting that experience I want from vaping from these coils/tanks… any idea?


New to the forum, been vaping for over a year. Started with Blu (absolutely a mistake and a waste of money) and moved to a Vision spinner and Kanger MT3 then to a Aspire CF VV 1600 and Kanger pro tank 2. Now Im looking at building my own coils. Cheaper, and I have control over whats actually in my vap, to a better degree anyway, plus I love to tinker. So far from what Ive gathered Ill need a Ohm meter(any ohm meter, or a specific to vaping ohm meter?), Kanthal 32 guage A-1 wire, and either jap cotton wick "towels" or cotton balls. Whats yalls preference and any tips? Thanks everybody in advance.