leaking clearomizers :/!

Hi there! I’m new to vaping, and have been lurking since buying a "personal vaporizer" at a local shop sunday. I started with vuse last week, but ended up with 3 batteries that wouldn’t charge AT ALL within 5 days 🙁 (one of which wouldn’t recharge even once after being drained the first time from the manufacturer.) Also, I had a heck of a cough/wheeze going on, which i think was due to the extremely high nicotine content in hindsight. Frustrated, and determined not to buy another Pack of cigarettes, I stopped at a local tobacco shop, and got what looks like a 650 ego battery with a disposable clearomizer. I also got a back up with 2 bottles of liquid. At this point both of them are spewing juice from the top and bottom!! Nevermind the fact that both liquids are nasty since i ordered a sample pack due to arrive next week.

My question is…..do they all leak like sivs so quickly? ??!!!! 2 in 6 days is a bit much. Any ideas or tips for a struggling newbie??!!

I did order 2 mini novis, but they won’t arrive until Tuesday :(.

Looking to buy multiple cleros that use the same coils. best options?

hey guys. ive been looking into getting into a new line of cleros. id like to keep it simple, probably by buying multiples of the same tanks. probably 3 to start. im currently using some assorted eLeaf tanks. the only one worth mentioning is the iJust, which isnt bad. basically, if im going to switch lines, i want to do it before i get too stuck into eLeaf. some options ive looked at are the nautilus mini and the clear 30s. any other recomondatios?

basically, if you could only have one type of clero, what would it be? or the best cleros with universal coils. something simple and durable is a plus also. money isnt a huge issue if its worth it. also if you have any ideas for organizing, color coating or labeling them by flavour that would be cool.

oh and im using the iStick, so a flush 510 thread is basically a must. thanks for reading!

Clones and the lanham act

The number and volume of clones in vaping is amazing and sad. You’d think new start ups wouldn’t even bother. Why invest in designing and manufacturing to make great new mods and atomizers when they’re going to get cloned in China and sold for a fraction of the price? The resellers get a better profit margin from the clones made at such low, low cost. There’s some serious intellectual property theft going on.

People think it’s legal to sell a clone if the seller tells the buyer it’s a clone. It’s not. Saying it’s a clone and even things like changing the name of the manufacturer or making small logo or design changes are not enough either. These are big Lanham Act violations. The manufacturer could go after the clone makers and the state-side resellers for damages and fees and even expenses like private investigators. And there’s worse than the civil suit problems. DOJ has a special department in Washington that brings criminal prosecutions against importers and resellers of counterfeit goods and gets serious prison sentences (I kid you not) and forfeitures. They’re not there just for counterfeit pharmaceuticals and pirated Microsoft software and Sony music. They go with gusto after little guys like the ones selling Louis Vuitton-marked i phone covers from carts in shopping malls and cheap hand bags at flea markets and treat them just like drug traffickers.

I buy direct from the US manufacturer and not the clones. I also buy some of the foreign brands too. But really the innovations like the attys for sub ohming and the new high wattage mods and chips being designed and made here are great but the people doing it are getting the shaft. Where are the guys like the Penny mod and Patriot manufacturers – to name a couple? (There are Patriot clones being sold everywhere advertised as made by Tobeco, a big company with a presence and assets here). They could be doing something serious about it – easy to do – but they aren’t. Strange and kind of depressing when you see so many people out of work.

Need Some Advice…….

After a lot of reading, and a major headache, I have still yet to find what would be a good combo. So I figured I’d ask some vets in the vaping scene for help. I have come across some cash, and I want to get a atomizer setup, and learn to build my own coils and such. Just so everyone knows, I’ve read up on sub-ohm safety and building coils and such. Now that that is out of the way, here’s what I’m wanting. I want to get a mech mod, clones are obviously gonna be my choice with this low of a budget :). My budget is around $100. If this isn’t possible, then that’s fine too. Also, would strongly prefer something that is good right out of the box with minimal tinkering to get right. Also, the budget is purely for the mod and atty. So if it’s not against the rules (didn’t see any this thread would violate), and not too much of a noob move, can anyone help a new vaper out? Also, if I may ask purty please, if the mod has multiple clones from different companies, can you link the correct one so I don’t screw up and buy the crappy version, as I am apt to do? Thank you all in advance for any help!

Edit: Forgot to mention, I would like to go with a 26650 battery if possible, but if not 18650’s are fine too!

Edit 2: Tried to remove some confusing statements.

Celebrating 1 year off stinkies – and I am done…..

Well done for buying new mods and new attys, and trying new juice, well at least for the rest of the month
Other then the IPV2, what is displayed below is all clones.
I have been lucky as maybe only 1 or 2 devices either did not work to my expectations or was just poorly made.

I look at this like clothes.
We all have our favorite ….shirts and pants, and for what I pay for most of these devices it is pretty much the same

In the end it’s finding the flavor you love and the vape style that works for you

I have RBA’s/RBTA that are nice and I have pre ordered the Atlantis, but I really enjoy dripping
.2 – .4 depending on the ATTY and juice flavor.
Not a cloud chaser at all, but I like a nice plume of warm flavor.
Hot Cocoa by the fire with Gentlemen’s Reserve , or some Pom-freezy on the beach in the summer with a cold one !

In the end it’s finding the flavor you love and the vape style that works for you

Special thanks to this forum for sharing their knowledge and love of Vaping

Newbies, be patient, don’t over spend, you’ll find what works for you!

Wife just said I was a little OCD LOL

I just received my provari 2.5 used but it looks and runs like brand new, yeah. Tomorrow I have a couple more batteries and the carrying case. next week should get my first Kayfun clone from hcigar so tonight I went a little crazy on amazon and wizard labs, lol.

Amazon Order

Asmodus Portable Ohm Reader Meter (Blue LED)

1/2 Oz (15 ml) BLUE Boston Round Glass Bottle w/ Dropper – Pack of 12

Maxim Hygiene Products Organic Cotton Balls — 100 Cotton Balls

5.5" KELLY Hemostat FORCEPS (Straight)

10cc Syringe (Pkg. of 5)

10cc Natural Boston Round Bottle with 13 mm Dropper Cap

12′ 2mm High Quality Ekowool Silica Wick Braided Hollow 2±0,2 Temp Res 1000°C

Color Mixing Pipettes Testors

Genuine vapeSupply Kanthal 28 Gauge AWG A-1 Wire 100ft Spool 0.32 mm , 5.27 Ohms/ft Resistance

Plano 7771 Guide SeriesTackle system

Hakko CHP-170 Micro Clean Cutter, 16 Gauge Maximum Cutting Capacity

Stainless Steel Blunt Needle with 16 Gauge Luer Polypropylene Hub, 1" Length (Pack of 25) 1 of: Stainless Steel Blunt Needle with 16 Gauge Luer Polypropylene Hub, 1" Length (Pack of 25)

Black & Decker 15-110 High Speed Steel General Purpose Drill Bit Set, 10-Piece 1 of: Black & Decker 15-110 High Speed Steel General Purpose Drill Bit Set, 10-Piece

Stanley 66-052 6-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set 1 of: Stanley 66-052 6-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set

Wizard Order

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Pumpkin Pie (Spice) Flavor Concentrate by CAP (0.27oz) FL-CAP-PUMPKIN-PIE-SPICE-8ML 1 $1.49 $1.49

So I guess she might be right but got to have some fun, lol