Aspire Nautilus Mini

I just got a Nautilus Mini. I was told I’d get much bigger hits and that, with the BVC coil, I’d get much cleaner hits. I’m on the second tank full and still cannot stand the taste. I was told that the porcelain coils have a bad flavor that has to burn off. It hurts my throat though and you would think that, after a full tank, it should’ve already been burnt off. I’m accustomed to the aspire BDC. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue? Is this taste going to go away anytime soon? I have my other setup, with my BDC coil, and I actually inhale that one and just grab the one with the Nautilus on it and just pull big puffs and blow them out, without inhaling, inhaling every now and then to see if it is any better yet….anyone have any tips? Can I get BDC coils for the Nautilus Mini or maybe use the ones I have for my other Aspire tanks in this one?

Nautilus BDC dies frequently.

I’ve ordered BVC replacements already but I think it’s somewhat unusual to have the experience.

My Nautilus 5 ml tanks came with two BDCs with two extra BDCs. All of them are 1.7 ohm coils.

As I vaped for a couple of hours, the ohm began to increase .1 by .1 ( I checked out my Vamo V2).

Gurgling started as the ohm of the coil changed.
At 2.0 + ohm, I cleaned the tank and the ohm was slightly reduced by .1.
However, the increase of the ohm was a lot faster and the ohm was stuck at 3.0 + although I cleaned and checked everything.

The weirdest thing is the 1.7 ohm coil can be increased to 4.0 + ohm.
And then, it dies.

I don’t know what happened but during 10 days of vaping, I lost 3 coils so far.
I used the same e-juice on Kanger Protank 3. It didn’t cause any fatal problem to the coil.

Is that a known problem for Nautilus tank with BDC ?

Actually, despite the coil problem, I have felt Nautilus can beat Protank 3 which caused gurgling and bottom-leaking problems all the time.

If I use BVC on Nautilus, could it be better?

Any thought? or suggestions?