I got my GOD180 mod.

Yuppers. I got it.

LOL. Apparently I can’t post in various areas since my post count has dropped to 1??? Weird, since I have been a member since ’09.

About 18 months, or so, I got back into digital vaping. My first "real thing" I started with was a Silver Bullet back in ’09ish. I resurrected it from the dead a few months back after fabbing a new center "+" post insulator. I also own a BB, SID, itaste MVP, and a plethora of various nit-noids purchased when I first went digital.

I have been using many different tanks/atomizers over the years. I recently bought my first actual dripper, and that was the reason for rebuilding my SB. I wanted to try doubling the voltage. Well, that didn’t really turn out as I expected, everything tastes burnt but….. the largest wire I have is 28ga. I’m working on it.

I’m still tweaking the voltage experience. To experience further, I bought a
*dun dun dun………


It’s okay. I thought it would be a VV/VW mod. It is only VW. Also the battery box, battery posts do not impress me at all. Also the screen flickers. But on a good note; this mod has brought life into a few atomizers I was never impressed with. Even my Tobh V2 now snaps to attention.

And in the end, to go along with my Samsung Galaxy Note2 phone…. I have this. The phone is huge and now I’ll be puffing on a phone book. LOL

Love my Origen! but want to find another RDA

Like I said, I just love my Origens but want to find another just to break things up a bit.

I’ve tried the Tohb, Quasar, Odin, Vulcan and of course the Patriot. They just didn’t hit the mark for me. I’m not a fog machine and not looking for big air so flavor is king. It seems that my sweet spot for builds are dual micro coils with KGD cotton running right around 0.6ohm. I make my own juice at around 12mg. And my mod of choice are my GP mods in an 18490 mode.

I’ve been fascinated with the new Hobo RDA but am thinking is really designed for lots of air. I’m also kinda interested in the Magma since it has the deep wells like the Origen. But I have blown a bunch of cash on drippers that I can’t sell so I really want an RDA that is going to be similar to the Origen if that is possible.

Suggestions would be appreciated, please.

New aspire Naut and Bvc = 1/2 the flavor of non Naut Bvc coils

Finally broke down and got a nautilus and within a few puffs I new this wasn’t going well.
i have checked and the coils and tank are legit but the flavor production is easily half that I get from my aspire vivi nova tank with Bvc coils.

this is so frustrating to me because I thought the nautilus was going to be an upgrade….
for vapor production the nautilus is crazy.. Just tons of cloud but that doesn’t make the experience… I have some pretty taste riddled melon juice that in the non nautilus Bvc coils is just over the top with flavor and its a thick moist flavor. Very moist fact.
the nautilus Bvc coils give me a less moist and way lower flavor.
doesnt matter the voltage/wattage, it’s the same flavor lacking vape . And I really am not happy.

one thing I will say is that the tube in the nautilus is too long.
i have found and repeated over and over, that the greater the distance your mouth is from the coils the less flavor you get and unfortunately the nautilus is pretty far. Be it a long 510 tip or tall tank like the Naut. The further away the less flavor

has anyone felt the same coming from a great system like the non nautilus Bvc to the nautilus Bvc? Or other tank system.

the nautilus Bdc are also giving me too much burnish and metallic taste so I refuse to use them. I can’t even use the vivi nova with Bdc coils anymore after using the Bvc coils.

One Year today!

November 20th, 2013, I walked into a vape shop and left with a Vision Spinner 1300, a Protank 2 and a bottle of 24mg juice, and haven’t touched a cigarette since! 365 days today… Yippee! After 39 years of smoking, not a single one! And they say vaping isn’t better than smoking… what a crock!

rdna 40 help

So my previous setup was an mvp 2.0 with an aspire nautilus bvc 1.8 coils. I wanted an upgrade as the 11 watts were no longer doing it for me anymore. So i purchased the new rdna 40, and put the same nautilus and using the same juice on it. But im vaping at 9 watts. It seems the device gives me a hot vape, 9 seems perfect, 10 -15 is hot, 16 and above is unbearable with a burnt taste. And this all depends on how frequent i vape. My question is, is this normal? Is something wrong with my rdna 40? Kinda bummed out cause my intentions were to have access to higher watts, but i am vaping at lower watts than i had with my mvp2.